GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus
GMK Black Lotus

GMK Black Lotus

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Closing Date: May 08, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Feb 2021

Update September 25, 2020 — production is estimated to be done end of January 2021.

Update July 30, 2020  — GMK Black Lotus color samples are on their way to Potato for review

406 ordered out of 250 required
Modifiers Kit
39 ordered out of 100 required
Hiragana Alphas Kit
67 ordered out of 100 required
Novelties Kit
179 ordered out of 100 required
40s Kit
46 ordered out of 100 required
Spacebars Kit
37 ordered out of 100 required

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Welcome to the Black Queen's Lair. Black, purple, and lilac come together in this GMK keyset inspired by the Black Lotus of Accel World and Magic: The Gathering. Designed by pomtato.

Group Buy opens April 10, 2020 at 9pm ET.

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About the keyset

  • Cherry profile
  • MX compatible
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Manufactured by GMK in Germany

Third time’s the charm, as they say.  After designer Potatoclack searched far lands for a vendor that could summon GMK Black Lotus from the nether into reality, TKC is happy to present Potatoclack’s vision from 2016 inspired by a certain legendary prolific artifact in Magic: the Gathering, and a fearless leader in Accel World.

Designer statement

“I really wanted to create a deep purple set that speaks to the community, and it ended up being a collaborative project on Geekhack. While I did coordinate things (and wow, I’ve learned a lot!), it’s something that a lot of keyboard enthusiasts created together, and I hope GMK Black Lotus can make the community proud.  We did it!”


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  • Base Kit $125
  • Modifiers Kit $79
  • Hiragana Alphas Kit $69
  • Novelties Kit $59
  • 40s Kit $39
  • Spacebars Kit $22



Product images shown are renders. Keyboards shown are:

Renders by Abec13.

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