Mech Mat Classic Deskmat
Mech Mat Deskmat
Mech Mat Deskmat
Mech Mat Deskmat
Mech Mat Deskmat
Mech Mat Deskmat
Mech Mat Deskmat
Mech Mat Splatter Deskmat

Mech Mat

Regular price $25.00

Designed by Alexotos.

A vibrant deskmat available in two variants: classic and splatter. Images here are prototype photos.

      About the Deskmat

      • Deskmat v 1.5 (Read about the different versions here.)
      • Stitched edges
      • 3mm thick 
      • Premium Fabric 
      • 900mm x 400mm
      • Ships in PVC frosted bag with drawstring ends
      • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Air dry only. DO NOT machine dry.

      International Vendors

      Note: Deskmats are heavy! This makes them more expensive to ship.

      Designer's Note

      "For this 'mech' design, I wanted to incorporate bright and vivid colors on my take of an abstract cyber punk themed deskmat. The design actually started off using a pale egg shell font and as a joke, I swapped the color to this neon yellow and ended up really liking it! A few colour changes and prototypes later to see how it all printed and I came up with this as an end product. I hope you enjoy it!"

      – Alexotos

      About Alexotos

      Alexander “Alexotos” is a Canadian photographer, content creator, streamer, and designer. His custom builds and stunning photo documentation have taken the mechanical keyboard hobby by storm, setting a new standard for the presentation of custom keyboards.