Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition
Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition

Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition

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Closing Date: Dec 04, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Mar 2021

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Say hello to Portico, TheKey.Company's entry level keyboard. A portico is a grand entrance to a stately building. This is your grand entrance into the world of magical mechanical keyboards. The Portico debuts in Mint and Purple to match Magic Girl, and comes as a complete keyboard build kit.

📅 Group Buy opens 11.11 at 11:11am PT.

🌟 The Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl Edition is a TheKey.Company exclusive bundle. International orders are available and shipped via DHL Express.

Product Details

  • 65% Keyboard – a 65% keyboard is the perfect blend of compact form and function.

  • Polycarbonate case, gasket-mounted plate, RGB/underglow.

  • Hotswap PCB — No soldering required. Build Portico and change your switches simply by popping them in and pulling them out.

  • 67g tactile switches by SP-Star, colormatched to the keycaps, with matching stabilizers by C3Equalz.

  • Available in two colorways:

    • Mint Portico Keyboard, with 67 Magic Girl keycaps, and matching switches and stabilizers.
    • Purple Portico Keyboard, with 67 Dark Magic Girl keycaps, and matching switches and stabilizers.

  • Limited Edition Badge: All units of Magic Girl Portico will have a custom back badge designed and signed by Mintlodica.

  • Assembly required. If you’ve never built a keyboard before, don’t fret—Portico is designed to be the perfect starting point. Assembly guide and video coming soon.


Portico is currently being manufactured. The first 500 units of each color are estimated to ship to customers in March 2021, given the following conditions:

  • Orders contain the Portico Keyboard only, and no other items. This is because all items in a single order ship together. If one item is delayed, then the rest of the order will be delayed. If you would like to buy other products, please place a separate order.

  • Limit of one of each color Portico. You can order one Mint Portico and one Purple Portico if you would like to receive your order in March.

Portico orders after this first wave are estimated to ship in May 2021. We’ll post a notice when we’ve moved into the second wave. Please note that these timelines are estimates and are subject to change.

Note: If your address changes, it is your responsibility to contact us to update your shipping address on your order.


Portico prototypes are ready and en route to TheKey.Company. We will inspect quality and accuracy before manufacturing concludes.

💡 This product is a Group Buy.

  • A Group Buy (GB) is a pre-order.
  • Shipping: This product will ship to you according to the expected ship date above. This date may change due to production or shipping delays. If you order this with other GB items, they will ship together when they are all ready. If your shipping address changes in between when you place your order and when we ship it out, contact us so we can update it.
  • Product images are renders unless indicated otherwise, and the final product may vary slightly in color.

About the Portico Keyboard

Portico is TKC's entry-level mechanical keyboard, designed to give you the balance between form and function. It has a polycarbonate case and a compact 65% keyboard layout.

Complete Keyboard Kit – Comes with all the parts needed for a complete keyboard: A carrying case, 75 switches, stabilizers, 67 keycaps, and a starter USB-C coiled cable.

🌟 Hotswap PCB – No soldering! It's easy to build and change switches.

🛠️ Assembly Required – Building the Portico will take you 60–90 minutes. We've designed this to be a perfect starting place if you've never built a keyboard before. Assembly guide and video coming soon.

Magic Girl Edition

Win by daylight, thrive by moonlight. Portico comes bundled with DSA Magic Girl keycaps.

Last year, we debuted the classic Magic Girl keycaps you know and love. Now, we're introducing a dark colorway option, inspired by the beautiful demons living among and inside us. Light cannot exist without darkness.

What's Included

When you buy the Portico Keyboard: Magic Girl edition, you get all the parts needed for a complete keyboard. And if you've never built a keyboard before, look out for our assembly guide and video to walk you through every step.

DSA Magic Girl Keycaps

Portico comes with matching DSA Magic Girl keycaps to complete your magical build.

Two colorways: Magic Girl Classic (with Mint Portico) or Dark Magic Girl (with Purple Portico)

🟣 DSA profile – The keycaps are a flat, uniform shape that make it easy to move keys around your board.

PBT plastic with dyesub and reverse dyesub – the printing method for the keycap legends allows us to feature intricate designs.

🟡 Portico includes 67 keycaps to perfectly fit the board.

Buy additional DSA Magic Girl Keycaps

Portico Keyboard Case and Plate

The Portico case is made out of polycarbonate, and is available in Mint or Purple.

The keyboard plate is what aligns the switches to the PCB and holds them in place.

Plate Material: FR4

🟣 Plate mounting style: Gasket-mounted. This gives you a luxurious, cushioned typing experience.

⚪️ Silicone Mat: Included to further your typing experience. It dampens the sound.

🌸 Limited Edition Badge: Magic Girl Portico will have a custom back badge designed and signed by Mintlodica.

Coming Soon in 2020: The Portico Keyboard Kit will be available as a standalone case kit in 5 colors, including Mint and Purple. Please note that the standalone cases in these colors will not have the limited edition badge.


The PCB (printed circuit board) is what powers your mechanical keyboard.

Hotswap – no soldering required. To install switches, you simply pop them into place. Changing switches is as easy as pulling them out and pushing in new ones.

🌈 RGB in-switch lighting and underglow – a light under each key switch gives individual keys a colorful look. And the PCB itself has underglow lights for a dreamy effect.

🔌 VIA-compatible – Customizing the keymap is easy with VIA Configurator.

Cable and Carrying Case

Portico comes with a starter USB-C coiled cable, and a carrying case with matching zipper accents.

If you're planning to upgrade to a custom cable, you'll only need the 1 USB-C cable! (No TRRS cables or otherwise.)

SP-Star Switches

Switches are the components that sit under each keycap and register when you press a key. Portico comes with switches manufactured by SP-Star that are color-matched to your keycaps.

🟣 Tactile switch with 67g spring. Tactile switches have a "bump" feeling when you press down on them.

Materials: Nylon housing, POM stem, and gold spring and interior.

Comes with 75 switches. Portico uses 67 switches, so you'll have some extra.

🟡 Please note: Switches that come with the Portico Keyboard kit will not come packed in a tub.

Pre-order Additional Switches

C³Equalz X TKC Stabilizers

Stabilizers sit under larger keys and help stabilize them when pressed, so they don't wobble around. Portico comes with stabilizers that match your keycaps.

🟣 PCB-mount, screw-in stabilizers.

⚪ Comes with three 2u stabilizers and one 6.25u stabilizer to fit the Portico.

Pre-order Additional Stabilizers

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