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A fan favorite. Our black and demonic red is back in a new, more compatible and yet affordable layout. No loot boxes or DLC required. 

About the Keycaps

  • MX Compatible - works with Cherry MX and MX-style switches.
  • PBT plastic, reverse dye-sublimation
    • Will not fade or shine over time
  • Cherry profile
  • Manufactured by Infinikey
  • Includes support for most major formfactors
    • Examples include: TKL, HHKB, FC660, 60%, 65%, 75%
  • Extensions kit adds support for full size layouts, 1800, and 96 key

Cherry Profile

New to mechanical keyboards?

Keycaps: The caps you put on your keyboard. Buying a set of keycaps does not include a keyboard. You need a mechanical keyboard with MX-style switches to put these on, which you'll have to buy separately. 

Still have questions? Check out Keyboard University, which covers keyboard basics to learn more 🎓

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