Mechanical keyboards are a type of keyboard that use mechanical switches to register keypresses. In the world of custom keyboards, you get fine-tuned control over how your keyboard looks and feels. You use and interact with one every day—it's worth it to make it perfect for you.

Current Keyboards


Portico is our entry-level mechanical keyboard, designed to be the perfect first mechanical keyboard for you. It's got a 65% layout, a polycarbonate case, gasket-mounted plate, hotswap PCB (no soldering!), and RGB lights.

Portico is available as a build kit that you assemble yourself.

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This is a 75% top-mount keyboard, featuring a USB-C daughterboard and USB-A hub.

Extras now available.

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M0LLY Polycarbonate

A modern geometric replica of the iconic Apple M0110A.

This edition of M0LLY features a polycarbonate case with CNC mirror-polished brass parts, available in three finishes: Dark Nickel PVD, 24k Gold PVD, and Silver PVD.

Group Buy open from March 26 to April 23. This Group Buy is limited.

Minivan keyboard


MiniVan is a 40% keyboard, featuring split spacebars and a hotswap PCB. The JetVan layout (solder only), which features a single spacebar, is also available.

Released in stock on June 11 at 3pm ET.

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Past Keyboards

These are keyboards that we've previously sold.

CandyBar Premium Keyboard

CandyBar is a special, compact keyboard in an unusual layout: it's a 40% layout with a numpad that can be placed on either the left or the right.

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A modern Apple M0110A replica. M0LLY features a 60% layout with a numpad.

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The king of splits. SP-111 is a premium split keyboard with a southpaw (left-sided) numpad.

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Our version of the classic 1800 layout. The TKC1800 gives you vintage style with a modern twist.

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Mechanical Keyboards 101

New to mechanical keyboards? Check out Keyboard University, our beginner-friendly resource with articles about keyboard basics. Topics include common keyboard terminology, basics about keycaps, switches, and stabilizers, how Group Buys work, and more.

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