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SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal
SP-111 Teal

SP-111 Teal

$499.99 Sale price

**The teal plates may have small blemishes on the finish. Photos to show potential markings. The price has been lowered to reflect these errors, all sales are final.**

Split Southpaw Keyboard. BlindAssassin111's original design started as a personal project to streamline his workflow.

Please Note: This is a kit. It does not come assembled. You must purchase switches, stabilizers, keycaps and a USB cable. You will have to solder the switches onto the PCB and assemble the case. If you don't know where to start, join our Discord and ask the community!

Product images are all photographs.

What's Included

  • Left and Right case halves.
  • Left and Right brass plates.
  • Left and Right matte black PCBs. Pre-programmed and QMK compatible.
  • Short Type-C to Type-C interconnect cable.

Extra PCBs are not available.



    • Southpaw (left sided numpad) allows you to use the numpad and mouse at the same time.
    • Split allows placement in a comfortable manner for long sessions.
    • Right side layout to maintain the functionality of a full size board in a much more compact manner.
    • Special thanks: OneCreativeMind for the logo. MetallicCharles for the renders.
    • Plate files are open source and available on BlindAssassin111's GitHub.


    • Sandwich mount, with the plate visible around the edges and locating tabs for alignment.
    • Typing angle of 7 degrees.
    • Left side weighs 3.29 lbs.
    • Right side weights 2.87 lbs.
    • Board interconnect is Type-C.
    • Board connects via Type-C.


    PCB Supported Only:


    See high-res images →


    Teal with Brass Plate