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Inspired by the Green Screen monochrome monitors from the days of yore (we're sure many of you remember), >Terminal_ is our take on a simple, aesthetically pleasing colorway on GMK's classic profile and manufacturing.

Dont forget to check out the extras we've included in the buy! 90N1NE CablesCustom Mousepads and Stickers!

I'm in Asia! Please click here. Place your order with our authorized reseller in China and save on shipping. You are also welcome to order from us directly. 


One more thing...

The magnificent Binge and TKC are teaming up. What the heck does that mean? In celebration of launching our first keycap set on 1/7/17, the first set sold and every 17th base kit ordered (up to 100-200 base kits initially) will find a little surprise in their package - a limited run BingeCaps x >Terminal_ artisan! These BingeCaps will be exclusive to the >Terminal_ GB participants, and then poof, never to be released again. Teaser photos to follow throughout the buy. Are you not entertained?


Will the base kit cover my board? >Terminal_ base will cover the following layouts with proper profile heights: ANSI • US-ISO • Winkeyless • 1800 • 65%/75%/96-key • FC660 • Minivan • JD40/45 • Planck/Preonic • Minorca • HHKB • Atreus/62 • more

Scoops or bars? Both. At no added cost from the GB announcement. Shazam.

When will I get my order? Based on the GB run time of one month and the lead times proposed by GMK we expect orders to ship in mid-June or sooner. The kits will ship as soon as we receive the shipment from GMK. We will keep everyone updated on our site, through periodic emails and through r/MK and GeekHack.

I have more questions! Click below. Or email us at Orders@TheKey.Company


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