Magic Girl returns 11.11

Magic Girl returns 11.11

Mintlodica returns with her debut design. A throwback to iconic shoujo anime of the 90s, transform your keyboard from school girl to cool girl. Think back to your favorite cherry blossom watching (花見 hanami) episodes.

Magic Girl drops Wednesday 11.11 at 11:11am PT and ends Friday 12.4

Summon the Magic Girl Portico Keyboard

New to mechanical keyboards or eyeballing another for your collection? For the first time, Magic Girl will be bundled with a full working keyboard kit.

Will you choose Light or Dark?

Say hello to Portico, TheKey.Company's entry level keyboard. A portico is a grand entrance to a stately building. This is your grand entrance into the world of magical mechanical keyboards. The Portico debuts in Mint and Purple to match Magic Girl.

About the Portico Keyboard

  • 65% Layout with Magic Girl keycap kits to cover it perfectly.
  • Polycarbonate Chassis in matching Mint or Purple.
  • Gasket Mounted FR4 plate for a luxurious typing experience.
  • Hot Swap PCB with in-switch & underglow LED.
  • Build Kits featuring C³Equalz switches & stabilizers.
  • USB-C connection. Includes starter black coil cable.
  • Protective carrying case with matching zipper accents.
Purple Portico keyboard with Dark Magic Girl.

See the Portico product page →

DSA Magic Girl Keycaps

Dark Magic Girl is here. Win by daylight, thrive by moonlight. Round 2 introduces a dark colorway option, inspired by the beautiful demons living amongst and inside us. Light cannot exist without darkness.

DSA profile keycaps.

Debuting Infinikey™ DSA

Magic Girl is the first Infinikey DSA keyset. A keyset with a uniform profile like DSA means that each row is the same shape and height. Endless mixing and matching between colors and other DSA keysets.

Dark Magic Girl by Infinikey prototype keycaps.

Photo by Mintlodica

Keycap Details

  • DSA Profile. Short and rounded uniform profile.
  • MX Compatible. Works with Cherry MX switches and MX-style switches.
  • PBT Plastic & Dye Sublimation. Will not fade or shine over time.

Magic Girl Keycap Kits

  • Cleric Core Kit. Start here. Covers most typical keyboards.
  • Cleric Specialty Kit. Coverage for enthusiast layouts.
  • Cleric Mono Kit. Gets you all Novelty modifiers and spacebars in Pink or Mint.
  • Summoner Core Kit. The dark starter. Covers most typical keyboards.
  • Summoner Specialty Kit. Coverage for enthusiast layouts.
  • Summoner Mono Kit. Alphas in reversed pink and mint legends, for compatibility with alternate layouts such as Dvorak, or for the option of solid letters.
  • Arcana Novelties Kit F*ck yes, all of them in all of the magical colors.

See the high-res kit images →

See the DSA Magic Girl product page →

Matching Magic Girl Deskmats

Purple joins Mint and Pink, plus another surprise. The original deskmats return and are joined by a third featuring new novelty icon artwork. We also bring you this new lit option.

DSA Magic Girl keycaps on Lavender CandyBar and Mint Deskmat.

Photos by Mintlodica

Lit RGB Magic Circle Deskmat

More light to go with the darkness. With the help from our friends at SwitchKeys, we bring you the next RGB Deskmat.

Deskmat Details

  • All Deskmats are 900 x 400 x 3mm.
  • RGB Deskmats are USB-powered with 2 light strength options.
  • RGB Deskmats have solid light cycles and several cycle effects.

See the Magic Girl deskmats product page →

DSA Magic Girl keycaps on a TKL keyboard.

Photo by LVCRFT

& more to come

  • Apparel Capsule Collection reveal and drop details.
  • Matching Custom Cables reveal.
  • Artisan Keycaps reveal.
  • Schedule of Community Events ft. first looks, builds, and giveaways.

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Photo by Nicoles

Susan (Mintlodica) is the COO at TheKey.Company and the creator of CuteKeyboard.Club, a growing community of cute keyboard enthusiasts. Her debut design Magic Girl was TKC's 2019 Best Seller. Since then, she graduated from her career as a Design Director in the tech industry to scale TKC. 50 Cent typed on her daily driver.

She sends her thanks and love: S2 for product dev and renders, the team 'L' hypesquad, every supporter in & out of CKC, and TKC CEO Jason for originally making this dream come true.

This website was designed & coded by Mintlodi'Latte, 2020.

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