TKC1800 v1.9 Unpainted Kit Pre-Sale



The Cases:

  • Brand New Black ABS Plastic Case from Cherry
  • All cases will come cut for plate, it is no longer an option.

The PCB:

  • QMK Firmware
  • Mini-USB and hardwire
  • MX & Alps compatible
  • 2 available positions for USB connection, no more hardwiring the cable (you can if you want to, accommodations are there) 
  • All SMD are pre-soldered from factory
  • Atmel AT90USB1286
  • Onboard I2C interface for future expansion
  • RGB backlight LED support (not included)
  • In switch LED and indicator LED support on PCB
  • SPI interface for tinkering
  • V2 PCB updated to  eliminate shorts from screw-in stabs installed too tight

The Plate:

  • Brushed Aluminum 1.5mm thick
  • Anodized in choice of color 
  • Allows switch top opening
  • MX Plate allows switch-top opening
  • MX Plate uses PCB mount Cherry style stabilizers
  • Alps Plate uses Costar plate mount stabilizers
  • MX and Alps variants

      Whats included in the kit?

      • Case 
      • PCB
      • Plate
      • Brand new (improved) bump ons
      • Silver ID tag 
      • New front diffuser decal 
      • (5) 3mm LEDs for the indicator lights in choice of color (3 for indicators, 2 spares)

      Plate and PCB are available for purchase separately. 

      Special MiniBuy Pricing: 

      • $149 Black Unbranded New Stock


      • Monitors may vary. Colors may appear slightly differently than they do in the photos
      • PCB is GREEN. Black PCBs in photos are preproduction models used to better display the case colors. 

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