About TKC

We're Jason "m1keh0nch0" and Brian "unclebrudy", Reddit /u/mechmarket traders (it was a Stump v1 for SA Carbon's Warning Signs kit + $2,000,000 PP gift in case you were curious) before becoming TKC. After inundating each other with random musings and ideas via Reddit PM and afterwards Hangouts, we decided that it'd be swell to start our own mech endeavor.

Group buys sometimes suck. We'll do our best to make them suck a little less. Stay tuned for some great mech accessories we hope you'll enjoy, as we are not solely here to run Group Buys. For now, we hope you start this journey with us from scratch, just like we are. Between the two of us, we have a bunch of confirmed successful trades on /r/mechmarket, and considering many of you have our home addresses you can rest assured we do not want let you down. (Ha!)

I'm Jason. Ive been a computer geek since learning programming on my Atari 400. About 10 years ago I stumbled upon the DAS keyboard when I was looking for a board with no legends on the keys. FFWD about 9 years and I saw a picture of a custom with SA caps on it and I was hooked! Since then Ive collected quite a few keysets and artisans as well as some really cool customs. I have a passion for the community and want to help innovate and bring great products and enthusiasts together! If anyone is asking, ErgoClears are my switch of choice but Topre is where my heart is.

Brian here. I decided to step away from TKC in December 2017. Working with Jason on the hobby that brought our friendship to fruition was nothing short of amazing, and the daily dealings with all you fine customers was a blast. Never before have I enjoyed MK more than hearing how much people loved >Terminal_, how excited they are for the TKC1800, and mostly for the fun times we shared going insane fulfilling buys.

As many of you know, I have two day jobs that I tried to balance with the daily duties of TKC, as well as a 15 month old son (13 months if you account for the fact that he was 2 months premature) keeping me busy when I'm not at the daily grinds. I was selling both the community and my business partner short by being highly unavailable, and that's unfair.

You're all in beyond good hands from here on out. Jason has proven to me countless times that he can execute (he's a mad scientist, I have no idea how he's able to work so tirelessly) and he has limitless passion for this community and most importantly, integrity. You'll still see some /u/unclebrudy touches @TKC from time to time I'm sure. I can't wait to see what Jason and TKC brings in the future, and I hope you're excited!

Previous Dear Diary entry: Being a desk jockey by day, I longed for my Model M2 from junior high for a period of time as a grown-up, the keyboard that came with the IBM PS/1 my mom bought me for school work. "School work". To fill that void and move on from rubber dome complacency, I found /r/mechanicalkeyboards, DT, and GH, did some research, and started with a Gearhead Mechanical Keyboard with Kailh Reds from Frys. I'm so sorry. Fortunately, since then I've found love for building and customizing MX/MX-style boards and yes, above all, I <3 Topre. You can see me quarterly at the SoCal meetups and worry that I may drop my pizza on your daily.

The Key Company is a licensed and registered business in the state of Michigan, United States of America.