A keyset designed by Alexotos with creative assistance from Kris Twum

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Infinikey Aether keycaps

aether or ether
/aether (/ˈiːθər/)/

noun  According to ancient and medieval science, aether (quintessence) is the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere.

Infinikey Aether keycaps

About Infinikey Aether

Aether showcases some of the latest innovations in keycap design. The set features a vibrant gradient color, an extensive kit that covers a wide variety of keyboard formats, and even a custom font, Titillium, that gives a clean look to Alexotos’ digital aesthetic.

Designed by Alexotos

Aether is designed by Alexotos, a streamer and tech enthusiast, and captures the colorway of his creative energy and professional work in the mechanical keyboards space. Aether brings together the core passions of his photography and community in his first keyset design.

Manufactured by Infinikey™

Aether is manufactured by Infinikey, a new keycap manufacturer that produces high-quality custom PBT keycaps. Infinikey's production process allows for Aether to feature a vibrant gradient design not often seen in other Cherry-profile keycaps.


  • Cherry profile
  • PBT plastic
  • Dye-sublimation
  • MX-compatible
Alexotos' setup featuring RGB lighting Infinikey Aether keycaps on a Molly keyboard
Infinikey Aether closeup of legends

A unique font

Aether features a font not seen in other keysets: Titillium, a choice made possible by Infinikey's dye-sublimation process. The mod icons were also altered to be slimmer, to match Titillium's weight.


Aether’s colorway reflects Alexotos’ brand and style, featuring a gradient design rarely seen in Cherry profile keycaps.

Aether Pantone swatches

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Infinikey Aether is available in two kits, which cover most keyboard layouts. Aether also features special collaboration accessories: a deskmat, matching cable, and two metal artisan caps.

Core Kit

$100 USD

Infinikey Aether core kit

The Core Kit covers most standard full-size, TKL, 75%, 65%, and 60% boards.

Add-on Kit

$45 USD

Infinikey Aether add-on kit

The Add-on Kit covers unconventional keyboard layouts like 40% boards, split layouts, and Alice layouts.

Suited Up Deskmat

$25 USD

Aether Suited Up deskmat

Concept art by Kris Twum | colorized by Alexotos

Aether Cable

$29 USD

Aether matching cable by Space Cables

By Space Cables

Black Metal Artisan Cap

$40 USD

Infinikey Aether black artisan cap by Ungodly Design

By Ungødly Design

Red Metal Artisan Cap

$40 USD

Infinikey Aether red artisan cap by Ungodly Design

By Ungødly Design

About Alexotos

Alexander “Alexotos” is a Canadian photographer, content creator, streamer, and designer. His custom builds and stunning photo documentation have taken the mechanical keyboard hobby by storm, setting a new standard for the presentation of custom keyboards. His ‘Switch Swirl’ deskmat design was a smash hit earlier this spring and Aether marks his stunning first keycap collection.


Alexotos headshot Alexotos PC setup

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