Code of Conduct

Last revised: September 7, 2020

All Code of Conduct guidelines can be conveyed in their whole by Wheaton’s Law: Don’t Be A Dick.

This is what we expect of everyone at and around all TKC online platforms (including our Facebook, Twitter, Discord, Twitch, and Instagram).

You are welcome here

Yes, we mean you**. This is our community– we organize and create our interactive platforms specifically for you. We are of all races, genders, abilities, beliefs, dietary restrictions, orientations, backgrounds, fandoms, programming languages, Team Spaces and Team Tabs, Team Linear and Team Tactile, Cherry MX Brown Switch fans, and Hogwarts houses. Come hang out with us and help us make awesome desk spaces for all humans. 

**Unless you are an asshole. Then GTFO.

Recognize and embrace humanity

We are all humans here. Recognize and respect your fellows, regardless of race, religion, gender, ability, sexuality, socioeconomic status, or stance on the plastic formulation of our switches.

Use your common sense and best judgement

We would like for TKC to remain a kind and cool community. Members should make best efforts to be welcoming and chill.  Keep things PG-13.  It’s against the Discord Terms of Service to post any NSFW content in public channels. Don’t do it. No nudity. No violence. No excessive profanity. Please, let’s be chill.

Don’t harass people

We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. Therefore, do not stalk, follow, badger, intimidate, threaten or otherwise make yourself impossible to disengage from. If someone tries to move on from the conversation, let them go. If someone explicitly tells you to leave them alone, respect that. Just be cool.

TKC is not your personal platform

We know that sometimes our Group Buys aren't always on schedule. We know that you are sometimes waiting for a reply from our awesome Customer Support team.  But TKC is not your personal platform, or your personal Customer Service hotline to voice your complaints, especially toxic behaviors. None of that is chill nor tolerated.

Thievery sucks

Don’t take TKC’s property. Don’t take other people’s property. Don’t take other people’s ideas. Don’t take other people’s tacos. Seriously, all of these just suck.

We WILL kick you out

Any violation of the above is an excellent way to get tossed out. Repeat offenses may result in you being banned from all TKC platforms. And that would make us super-sad. We would rather that we all just get along and be cool to each other.

TKC is committed to making a safe, welcoming environment for all humans to participate, bond, and nerd out about mechanical keyboards. If you feel uncomfortable in any way, please contact someone on our team. We are here to listen and support you in any way you need, and will work to resolve any issues in a way that makes you feel comfortable. We will tank for you. We will heal for you. We will DPS for you.

If you have any questions on any of the above, come talk to the team. We will be happy to educate.

Note: Some of the CoC was lovingly borrowed from Austin VR, Vancouver VR Community, and Cute Keyboard Club.