Navidium FAQ

Navidium is TKC's new shipping protection platform, offering peace of mind on the delivery of your shipment(s). It protects your package in case it is damaged, stolen, or lost while in transit.

A few common questions regarding Navidium:

1) When do I need to file my claim?

• For lost packages, please file your claim after there has been no tracking update for 7 days on domestic deliveries, 14 days for international.

• For stolen packages, please allow one additional delivery day after your tracking status says delivered and please file your claim no more than 7 days after your package has gone missing. TKC reserves the right to request a police report be filed on stolen packages.

2) Will I receive replacement product, or a refund?

• Generally speaking, you will receive replacement product however sometimes due to product availability you will receive a refund. If TKC is unable to fill your order as it was originally placed, TKC will reach out and ask how you would like to proceed.

3) My order was delivered, but it was not delivered in the timeframe I paid for. Does Navidium cover this?

• No, it does not however if you paid for a delivery service with a guaranteed delivery timeframe like UPS 2-day shipping and believe that the carrier violated their delivery guarantee please open a ticket with TKC at and we will reach out to the carrier on your behalf. Assuming the carrier approves the claim, TKC will issue you a refund equal to the credit back.

4) I don't like the product I ordered, does Navidium cover this?

• Unfortunately, no.