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Portico Beta Firmware Update

Last updated: May 31, 2021 – This is a beta firmware update for the Portico to add RGB controls to VIA. We've tested it internally and it appears to work, and we would like feedback from users interested in trying it out before we push it out as an official update.

You will need:

First, you need to put your Portico in bootloader mode. Hold down the top left key (ESC on default keymap) as you plug the USB in.

Open QMK Toolbox and you should see a message about an Atmel DFU device connected.

Click Clear EEPROM.

Then click Open → select the HEX file you downloaded (linked above). Once you do, click Flash and it will flash your Portico and reboot it. It should be scrolling through solid colors (red, green, blue, white).

QMK toolbox

Next, open up VIA. You'll need to turn on the ability to load JSON files in the "Design" tab. Go to the Settings tab at the top → toggle on Show Design tab.

VIA show design tab

In the Design tab → click Load to upload the JSON file (linked above).

VIA load design

Now in the Configure tab, there will be a new Lighting option on the left side that gives you many options. This allows you to control RGB through VIA, and hopefully also brings some more stability to the keyboard itself.

VIA configure lighting

Please note: this firmware update is still in testing. The default keybinds for RGB controls are no longer present, but you can bind the new keycodes on one of your layers if you want them.