Switch Film Product Guide

Here's our step-by-step guide for installing switch film. To briefly summarize it, the steps are:

  1. Open switches
  2. Place film onto switch
  3. Close switch
Pictured above: C3 Equalz Switch Films


Gather all that parts you’ll need, and make sure you have a clear surface to work on. We recommend having a few containers handy to place parts so they don’t get lost.


  • Switch opener
  • Tweezers

Opening the switches

First, the switches have to be opened to insert the switch films. Take your switch opener and open it so you can place the switch onto it. MX switches will go onto the side that has 4 pieces that correspond with the 4 clasps on the switches. 

Pictured above: how a switch sits on a switch opener

Once the switch is sitting on the switch opener, all you have to do to open the switch is push down on the stem. This will push the switch onto the pieces that will open the clasps on the switch. You can then pull the top part of the switch off, leaving the bottom of the switch and the spring. 

Pictured above: what the switch looks like with the to part removed

Applying the switch film to the switches

Now that you have a switch open, you can apply the switch film. Remove one film from the sheet of film with a tweezer and position it on the switch. The switches will only close if the film is oriented the correct way. The part of the switch with the smaller rectangle fits over the metal part of the switch. The film should rest nicely on the switch, but will be a little sticky so placing it may be a struggle. Once it is placed you are able to put the stem and top of the switch back on. 

Pictured above: how to place and orient the switch film