The Story of a Boy Called Key

Duretto in his workshop.

Chapter One

Fancy Dropcase L ong ago, in an ancient town in a World far, far away lived a lovely old craftsmen called Duretto. Duretto was very talented, and could craft many things out of plastic for great purpose. He created switches for his many dedicated fans, day in, day out. But late at night in Duretto’s factory, he often felt lonely. You see, all he wanted was a partner-in-crime.

Duretto finishes building Key and gives him a kiss on his head


One night, Duretto molded an extra-large switch with a distinctly unique colorway. It was blue and red, his favorite colors. He put arms and legs on his new friend, and set him down on his bench. This factory is the door to my heart, and you are the key. I shall call you Key, he proclaimed, and gave him a kiss on the head.


Key comes to life and greets Duretto.


That night, Duretto went to bed. He closed his eyes, and wished for Key to be brought to life. The following morning, Duretto was woken by the most wonderful sound. Key had come to life!


A windchime blowing in the rain at night


Soon after, a terrible storm appeared. Wild winds, lashing rain, and darkness. “Oh Duretto, where have you gone? Duretto! Come back!”

But Duretto was nowhere to be seen.

Key was so sad, but set off on a big adventure. He was going to find Duretto, and he would stop at nothing.



Chapter Two

Key's first adventure was to go to the nearby town, where he knew Duretto visited often for tools and supplies.


"Have you seen Duretto?" Key asked the fruit merchant in the market square, but the merchant had not seen him.

"Have you seen Duretto?" Key asked the painter in the park, but the artist had not seen him.

"Have you seen Duretto?" he asked the young girl in the tool shop.

"Duretto? I know him!" she exclaimed. "I don't know where he went, but he would often visit the lab up on the big hill." She pointed out the window. Across the hills and in the distance, there was a tall concrete building.

Finally, Key had a clue!

Key headed to the laboratory on the edge of town. It was empty and quiet.

Looking up at a tall concrete building with lots of windows.

He wondered if anyone still worked there. Cautiously, he entered. It was dark inside, with many cobwebs. He wandered from room to room, calling out "Hello? Duretto?" There was no response.

Key reached the basement. There was a glowing light at the end of the room, where there was a tall glass case. Many wires connected from the top of the case and into the ceiling.

Something floating in a glass case in the basement.


The case was full of water, and something was floating in it. Key went closer, and saw a shape that looked familiar. It looked like him. Who could this be? On the machine next to it, there was a number pad. This must be how to open the case!

A numpad.

Key thought about what the number code could be. He tried to remember any clues from Duretto's factory. And then he remembered a calendar, with a date circled. He punched in the digits: 0706.

A floating panda switch in the case.

There was a hissing sound, and the liquid inside the glass case began to drain. The switch opened its eyes.



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