16-Key Switch Tester

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Akko x MonsGeek acrylic 16-key switch tester with dust-proof cover.

This tester contains a wide range of different switches from 3 different brands for users to test at minimal cost.

Be aware! Some switches may come in different versions in different batches. 

[Linear Switches]

Akko V3 Cream Yellow Pro (5-Pin)
Akko CS Matcha Green
Akko CS Crystal Silver
Akko CS Jelly Black
Akko CS Piano (5-Pin)
Gateron White Lubed
Akko x TTC Demon
Cherry MX RGB Red

[Tactile Switches]

Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro (5-Pin)
Akko CS Lavender Purple
Akko CS Ocean Blue
Akko CS Jelly Purple
Akko CS Wine White
Gateron Orange Lubed

[Clicky Switches] 

Akko Blue
TTC Gold Blue Switch

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