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Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)
Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)

Jelly Black Switches (Lubed)

Jelly Black is a linear switch that is part of the Akko CS series. Comparing with the classic CS switches, the new CS switches are equipped with dustproof stem for enhanced stability. The Jelly Black are hand lubed switches using Krytox GPL105 and Krytox GPL-205 G0. 

  • Type: Linear
  • Pre-Travel: 1.9 ± 0.3mm
  • Total Travel: 4.0 - 0.3mm
  • Actuation Force: 50gf ± 5gf

    About the Switches

    • Linear switch. These have a smooth keypress with no tactile bump.
    • Sold in units of 45.
    • Materials: 
      • Stem: POM
      • Top: polycarbonate (PC)
      • Bottom: polycarbonate (PC)
    • Plate mount.
    • 3 pin
    • Pre-lubed by hand, read below for more information.
    • Packaged in a tray with cardboard slip cover.
    • Designed and manufactured by Akko.

        Switches 101

        A keyboard switch is the little component that sits underneath the keycap and connects to the keyboard PCB. On a mechanical keyboard, every key has its own switch.

        How many switches do I need?

        For common sizes, here are some estimates (these can vary slightly by keyboard model):

        We recommend buying enough to fill your board, with some extra to spare.

        For more switch basics, read our Switches 101 article on Keyboard University →

        The Standard of Akko Factor-Lube

        The standard "factory-lubed" switches have lubricant applied to: 1. bottom housing stem rails, 2. spring 3. stem and 4. spring cylinder. Factory-lubed switches can be further categorized as machine lubed and hand lubed. The technology of machine lubrication is not yet well developed and thus the amount of lube applied on every switch cannot be consistent. This can cause the switches to be over lubed with spillage. However, these switches are hand lubed are more uniform and controlled, but result in a higher labor cost. In some scenarios, "factory-lubed" means the switches are being briefly lubricated during manufacturing. Therefore, we want to clear up a bit about the difference.

        The hand-lubed version of Akko CS switches

        The bottom housing stem rail and cylinder are hand-lubed in addition to the dry film lubrication on stem and spring as well as the machine lubrication on the metal leaf corners.

        Akko Switch Comparison

        Spring Comparison

        Jelly Black Travel Force Diagram