Bamboo Kit
Bamboo Kit
Bamboo Kit
Bamboo Kit

Bamboo Kit

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Bamboo is a mechanical keyboard like you have never seen before. It's designed to be easily used on the go, with an interchangeable plastic shell, small layout, and slim 1.9cm thickness. It features an optimized 4x13 layout which requires just 2 layers to operate, unlike other 40 percent’s which need a minimum of 3 or even 4. The custom designed and printed caps make learning the layout a breeze too, showing all legends from both layers.

About Bamboo

  • Price: $199 $169 (Group Buy price)
  • Get a free transparent case as a Group Buy exclusive
  • Designed by Adron


  • 2-layer system for efficient typing on a small layout
  • Custom reverse dye-sub caps 
  • Easily swappable shell for simple customizability
  • Built in wrist rest and low-profile caps for typing comfort
  • 1.9 cm thickness, perfect for a portable case
  • Hot-swappable PCB

Mini-split Design

Bamboo features a new “mini-split” design which simultaneously improves posture by spreading the typist’s hands farther to shoulder width and allows for each hand to be evenly spaced from the edge of the board. This means your hands sit perfectly in the center of the board and straight in front of you, unlike all other boards which leave the keyboard non-centered. This is achieved by shifting the right and left sides of the keys away from the center and adding 3 extra macro keys which can be programmed with QMK to do just about anything.

TEA Keycap Profile

The new TEA keycap profile brings a whole new level to typing on CHOC switches. It has a deep scoop just like DSA, but with 50% more typing surface area. The low-profile size of the caps coupled with the built-in wrist rest helps mitigate wrist strain, and helps you type for longer.

Designer's Note on Customizability

“Customizability is very important to me as a designer and I wanted a way for everyone to make their bamboo feel personal. So, 5 unique components can be swapped and changed individually. These are the caps, the top and bottom shell, the bar, and the rubber foot. Shells can be purchased individually for an affordable price so you can change your bamboo without needing to buy a whole new keyboard!

Most importantly above all is I wanted to create a mechanical keyboard everyone could enjoy. To do this I wanted to see how affordable I could get bamboo and I am so proud to be able to offer it as a complete set (caps, switches, keyboard, everything) for just 199$!”

— Adron

Kit Includes

  • Bamboo Case
  • Bamboo PCB
  • Keycaps and bar
  • Cable
  • Full set of switches
  • 🌟 Group Buy exclusive: Free transparent case


  • 11.5 inches x 6 inches / 29.5cm x 15.5cm
  • ¾ inches / 1.9cm thick