Black Lotus Deskmat
Black Lotus Deskmat

Black Lotus Deskmat

Closing Date: Sep 04, 2021

Expected Ship Date: Sep 2021

📅 Sep 7, 2021 — Shipment has arrived at TKC! Orders are being sorted and processed for shipping.

📅 Sep 3, 2021 — Black Lotus Keysets have landed in the US and we are patiently awaiting their arrival to TKC. We will be fulfilling all remaining keyset and deskmat combo orders.

📅 Feb 5, 2021 — Deskmats have shipped to customers who ordered only the deskmat and not the Black Lotus keyset. Orders containing both the keyset and deskmat will ship when the keyset is done with production.

Two deskmat editions to go with your GMK Black Lotus set.

Two variants:

  • Lotus edition
  • Elements edition

About the deskmat:

  • Designed by OneCreativeMind
  • Stitched edges
  • 3mm thick
  • High quality printing process
  • 900mm x 400mm

Group Buy

Group Buy originally ran in spring 2020, from April 10 to May 8. Deskmats ordered along with Black Lotus keycaps will ship together when the keycaps are done production.

Group Buy Proxies

    Product Status
    1. Pre-Order Closed Sep 2021
    2. In Production
    3. In Transit to TKC
    4. Shipping to Customers Estimated Sep 2021
    5. Extras Soon