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C³Equalz Stabilizers V2 - Dark Magic Girl Edition

C³Equalz Stabilizers V2 - Dark Magic Girl Edition

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These stabilizers feature colors perfectly matched to Magic Girl Dark SP-Star switches. 

About the stabilizers:

  • These are v2 C³Equalz X TKC Screw-in Stabilizers
  • PCB-mounted, screw-in stabilizers – these securely attach to your PCB with the included screws
  • Pre-clipped stems
  • Improved housings that prevent wires from popping out

This stabilizer set includes:

  • Stabilizer housings (x5 pairs)
  • Stabilizer stems (x5 pairs)
  • 2u wires in PVD Violet (x4)
  • 6.25u wire in PVD Violet (x1)
  • 7u wire in PVD Violet (x1)
  • Washers (x10)
  • Screws (x10)
  • Stickers for sound dampening

About Stabilizers

Stabilizers are parts that sit under the larger keys on a keyboard to stabilize the key press. Keys that are larger than 2u require a stabilizer. On a typical tenkeyless (TKL) keyboard, the following keys would need a stabilizer:

  • Left Shift – 2u stab
  • Backspace – 2u stab
  • Enter – 2u stab
  • Right Shift – 2u stab
  • Spacebar – either 6.25u or 7u stab

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How to use

Read: Step-by-step assembly and use guide →

Stabilizer parts diagram