C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Switches
C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Switches
C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Switches
C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Switches

C³Equalz X TKC Kiwi Switches

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Restock: Kiwis will return. There is no restock date yet. We will announce it when we have one on here as well as via our newsletter, Discord, and social media.

Nighttime Drop update: Kiwis are all sold out! Thank you for your support this Kiwi Kuesday.

Daytime Drop update: We sold out this first drop in a few minutes. There were more people on our site than we had switches to sell. We will have a second drop later today. See below for update about shipping address errors.

Current purchase numbers

Kiwi Switches go on sale on Tuesday, August 25 with two drops: one at 3pm ET and one at 9pm ET. You can participate in one drop only.

Read our blog post for the full details about Kiwi Kuesday →

About Kiwi Switches

  • 67g Tactile with a T1 stem
  • Lightly factory lubed
  • Translucent bright green housing with N9 Grey stem
  • Same housing material as Tangies
  • Proprietary C³Equalz top housing design
  • Gold-plated internals
  • Packaged in plastic containers with a sticker on it.

The Sale

  • Sold in pre-packaged quantities of 30 switches. You can buy up to a maximum of four units.
    • One unit = 30 switches
    • Two units = 60 switches
    • Three units = 90 switches
    • Four units = 120 switches (maximum allowed per customer)
  • You cannot order these with Group Buy items.
  • You can buy from one drop only. If you participate in both time slots, we will cancel both your orders.

Shipping and Returns

  • These are final sale. We will not be accepting any cancellation or merge order requests.
  • Orders will ship when they can. Orders containing only Kiwi Switches will be shipped first, and orders containing other in-stock items will be shipped last. Due to the high volume of orders, please wait up to 2-3 weeks for fulfillment before contacting Customer Service about your order.

The Reviews

The Key Dot Company, C³Equalz, and SwitchKeys are the only authorized vendors of these switches.

Daytime Drop Update

Thank you so much for sending in your reports of the error messages you may have received from the first daytime drop for Kiwi Kuesday. It is our number one priority today to understand what happened, and to make changes to ensure a smoother second drop.

We worked with our shopping experience provider and they were able to determine that our plugin that provides shipping estimates was sporadically and randomly failing to provide estimates due to the load. There was no correlation between the failures and any specific geographic area.

Having identified the issue, additional resources are being dedicated on the backend to hopefully mitigate this issue for the second drop. We are continuing to monitor the situation, and of course the community feedback on Discord, Instagram, Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter.

Please understand that we’ve received a large influx of tickets and questions, and we are working hard to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. Thank you so much for your patience and support! We will do everything possible to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.