C³ Tangerine Switches
C³ Tangerine Switches
C³ Tangerine Switches
C³ Tangerine Switches
C³ Tangerine Switches

C³ Tangerine Switches

Closing Date: Apr 27, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Jul 2020

📅 Update July 16, 2020 — These orders are shipping. A restock is coming soon. We always save enough stock for any missing or damaged orders. Please contact us if your order is affected.

📅 Update June 26, 2020 — Orders from the GB will start to ship today. Please be patient as we work through the batch of orders (there are a lot of them!). Extras to be announced very soon.

📅 Update June 17, 2020 — Production is estimated to be completed for all batches next week. Awaiting for all batches to ship to our warehouse shortly after completion.

📅  Update June 9, 2020 — Tangerines are starting to arrive in the warehouse, but they will be sent in several batches.  We will not be shipping until all supplies and switches are in the warehouse. Stay tuned.

📅  Update May 21, 2020 — Expected first week of June! We are changing the way we ship out Tangerine Switches: the containers will be shipped in boxes instead of bubble mailers.  There will be an included sticker.  No extras until end of June, we will announce on all social channels when we know the final date.

Current purchase numbers

Restocking Tuesday, July 28 at 9pm ET.  The smoothest linear in the game. Here's version 2 of our previous tangerine switches, made with brand new molds. Available in two colors! Read more details about the drop on our blog.

  • Sold in quantities of 10 pcs. One unit = 10 switches.
  • Limit of 12 units per color, per customer. This means 120 switches per color.
  • Dark Green stem 67g.
  • Light Green stem 62g.
  • Housing is UHMWPE.
  • Gold Spring.
  • Linear MX Switch.
  • PCB Mount.
  • Pre-lubed in factory - very light application.
  • Made by C³Equalz.
  • Orders over 2 units (20 switches) will be packed in plastic containers. 

Important info about the sale

  • We're expecting these to sell out quickly. Last time we ran an in-stock buy of our Tangerine Switches, we sold out in less than 3 minutes. We will have more in-stock than last time. We advise to be online before the sell time is live and know what you’d like to order beforehand.
  • Orders will ship out as soon as they can. There will be a high volume of orders. It’ll take time for our fulfillment center to sort and pack everything.
  • More tangerine switches are on the way. Once they arrive, we'll be able to host another in-stock buy.

Please read our blog post about this drop for more details.

Shipping, Order Modifications, and Cancellations

🚚 Shipping: Orders are expected to ship out within two weeks. There will be a high volume of orders, so there may be delays as our fulfillment center sorts and packs everything. We appreciate your patience!

⚠️ These are final sale. Cancellations are not accepted. We will not modify your order by merging or splitting them. Please take care when placing your order.

Please do not order these with any Group Buy items.