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Dark Magic Girl switches - 84ct

Dark Magic Girl switches - 84ct

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New to the galaxy. These SP-Star switches are a tactile switch, made in custom colorways to match Magic Girl keycaps.

About SP-Star Magic Girl Switches

  • Tactile, MX-style switch. Tactile switches have a "bump" feeling when you press down on them.
  • Spring Weight: 67g
  • Materials: Nylon housing, POM stem, and gold spring and interior
  • Dark Magic Girl colorway: Navy housings, Purple stem
  • PCB Mount.
  • Pre-lubed in factory - very light application. You can lube over this.
  • Made by SP-Star.

SP-Star Switches Early Reviews

We sent prototype samples of SP-Star Switches out for early reviews and initial thoughts. The SP-Star Magic Girl Switches are both re-colors of the Dark Prototype SP-Star Switch samples in their comments and video. More to come.

Switches 101

Switches are the components that sit under each keycap and register when you press a key. There's a large variety of them that differ in how they feel and sound.

When building custom keyboards, often switches need to be soldered to the PCB. Keyboard builds that don't require soldering switches are referred to as hotswap—installing and changing switches is as easy as inserting them and pulling them out (switch puller required!)

These SP-Star switches are a tactile switch, which refers to the tactile "bump" that you feel when you press down on it. This is in contrast to a linear switch that goes down smoothly, or a clicky switch that has a bump as well as an audible click sound.

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