DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter
DSA Drifter

DSA Drifter

Regular price $65.00

Closing Date: Jan 13, 2018

Expected Ship Date: Mar 2018

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One of the most sought-after sets in the game! Too bad you missed it :-(

Drifter Alphas
501 ordered out of 100 required
Drifter Base Mods
424 ordered out of 100 required
Drifter Multi Alphas
77 ordered out of 50 required
Compatibility Kit
221 ordered out of 50 required
Ergodox Kit
76 ordered out of 50 required
Shorty Space Bars
72 ordered out of 50 required
Drifter ISO Kit
23 ordered out of 10 required

Current Sales / Minimum Order Quantity. The MOQ is how many orders we need for production. If we're close, we'll buy out the rest to ensure production. Read more about Group Buys →

Officially licensed by Heartmachine and based on the stunning indie game, Hyperlight Drifter! Available in glyph and english alphas, we bring you this incredible set in PBT dye sublimation.

This very vivid and beautiful keyset was created by u/Akatoshi (known by Emil) with renders done by /u/GloriousToothless. This keyset is based and themed around the stunning Indie game, Hyper Light Drifter! It's on Steam right now, and definitely worth a try if you're curious.  


08/10/2018 Extras just landed. Its Friday evening, my kids will be home shortly, and I wont be home most of the weekend. Stay tuned for updates. 

07/03/2018 Drifter is 95% prepped for shipment. I still have to get the labels and customs declarations on the internationals. USPS picks it all up on Thursday. There was, however, an issue with the extras: They were not shipped. I am going to figure out what the deal is and keep everyone posted. Please, no emails about Drifter unless its regarding an actual order. 

06/29/2018 UPS called yesterday, Drifter is going to be delivered today! I will start labeling the orders and they will go in the mail monday. All should be mailed out by Tuesday. I would expect most should receive theirs by Monday, July 9 because of the holiday.

06/22/2018 Customs clearance complete! Drifter is FINALLY on its way to TKC! There is no estimated delivery date stated, but the people at the shipping company told me 2-3 days. That puts us at the weekend. I will do my best to get started on shipping on Sunday and start getting packages out on Monday.

Raffle winners will be invoiced once inventory is received and counted.

06/22/2018 Shipment is in customs as of today. I called the shipment company and they are just waiting on customs to release it.

06/14/2018 Shipment is on its way to me! I dont have a estimated date of arrival yet but I assume its next week. Ill update here when I have the date. 

06/07/2018 Delayed yet again. Next week. Every US order is getting a freebie in their order as an apology.

See the post here

05/22/2018 Factory is currently doing QC, sorting, and packing. They've asked me to send packing list info so they can pre-pack the orders accordingly and so I can get it fulfilled faster once it ships to me. Still no solid date. I will keep updating as I get info. 

05/16/2018 Latest Production Photos

Sadly, nothing new to report. I have been told the reason for the delay started as a QC issue, in which the quality of the blanks wasn't perfect. Production was restarted with new stock, stock they had to wait a long time for. Quality product is the upmost importance to TKC, zFrontier, and Keyreative, therefore the wait was warranted. We want to deliver nothing but the BEST products.

I have been in close contact with Steven from zFrontier, and he assures me that he is checking in on them every other day to keep them moving on getting this done. I apologize for the long delays. I expected this to be shipped LONG ago. Some things are out of my control. Hold tight, this will be worth the wait! Thank you for everyone's patience. 

04/27/2018 Here are some production photos! The colors are off from the lighting. I expect these to ship to me in the next few weeks. Ill keep buyers posted here. 

04/17/2018 Sets are in production. I will post more info once I have it. There are no other updates at this time. 

04/10/2018 LIMITED EXTRAS WILL BE AVAILABLE ONCE THE SETS SHIP TO ME.  We have not used this factory before so I dont want to sell out the extras until I know everyone has quality product in their hands and I am 100% positive that there will not be a need to send replacements to people. Thanks for understanding. 

02/28/2018 Keyreative delayed in production waiting on blanks to print. Expected delivery Mid April 2018.

01/23/2018 Order placed with factory and invoice paid in full. We expect to take delivery sometime in March 2018 and will fulfill orders promptly!

01/13/2018 Thats a wrap! Thank you to all who participated. Check back here for updates and on social media / Reddit / Geekhack.

12/14/2017 UPDATE: ISO kit added. Combined worldwide sales have already reached 200 orders!

Manufacturing is in collaboration with zFrontier! The factory producing the dye-sub is THE best in the world. The photos shown are actual product photos and *not renders*. Just look at the alignment of those legends: Perfection.


  • PBT All-over Dye Sub
  • Uniform DSA Profile
  • Officially Licensed by Heart Machine, the makers of Hyperlight Drifter
  • Limited to 500 orders worldwide
  • All kits come sorted and packed in plastic trays (except Shorty Spacebars & ISO Kit)
  • Shipping estimate - March 2018
  • GB closes January 13, 2018


  • Base Mods $59 - Includes all the modifier keys you will need to fill out a TKL or 104 board, includes 6.25u spacebar. 1.75u Shift, stepped caps lock, and ISO enter 
  • Drifter Alphas $44 -  Glyphs legends only
  • Drifter Multi Alphas $44 - Glyphs and English legends
  • Compatibility Kit $45 - See the product photo for whats included. Compliments the base mod kit to provide compatibility to Planck and many others. Also includes a pair of 7u spacebars. (2) 2u blanks added for Planck
  • Ergodox Kit $45 As requested! 
  • Shorty Space Kit $8 Includes 2.25u & 2.75u spacebars in white and cyan for MiniVan and other split spacebar layouts. (Does not come in tray)
  • ISO Kit $8 Includes alt color ISO enter, 1.25u Shift key, and (4) 1u keys to compliment your choice of alpha set. This set along with Base Mods and either alpha kit will fill out an ISO board. (Does not come in tray)