DSA Drifter Restock



Restock is here! 

We have limited inventory of this product, never to be produced again. Here is how were going to do this:

  • The remainder of the inventory will be added to the store inventory periodically in small numbers, updates will ONLY be sent to those on our mailing list to notify when they will be released. Sign up if you haven't already. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook as well. Were going to be posting on there a lot more moving forward.
  • Base Mods and Alphas kits were packed together, there is a VERY limited number of those kits as standalone.
  • Limit one of each kit per person, please.

This very vivid and beautiful keyset was created by u/Akatoshi (known by Emil in the Mechkeys Discord) with renders done by /u/GloriousToothless. This keyset is based and themed around the stunning Indie game, Hyper Light Drifter! It's on Steam right now, and definitely worth a try if you're curious.  

Manufacturing is in collaboration with zFrontier! The factory producing the dye-sub is THE best in the world. The photos shown are actual product photos and *not renders*. Just look at the alignment of those legends: Perfection.

The Deets:

  • - PBT All-over Dye Sub
  • - Uniform DSA Profile
  • - Officially Licensed by Heart Machine, the makers of Hyperlight Drifter
  • - Limited to 500 orders worldwide
  • - All kits come sorted and packed in plastic trays (except Shorty Spacebars & ISO Kit)
  • - Shipping estimate - March 2018
  • - GB closes January 13, 2018


  • Base Mods  - Includes all the modifier keys you will need to fill out a TKL or 104 board, includes 6.25u spacebar. 1.75u Shift, stepped caps lock, and ISO enter 
  • Drifter Alphas  -  Glyphs legends only
  • Drifter Multi Alphas  - Glyphs and English legends
  • Compatibility Kit  - See the product photo for whats included. Compliments the base mod kit to provide compatibility to Planck and many others. Also includes a pair of 7u spacebars. (2) 2u blanks added for Planck
  • Ergodox Kit  As requested! 
  • Shorty Space Kit  Includes 2.25u & 2.75u spacebars in white and cyan for MiniVan and other split spacebar layouts. (Does not come in tray)
  • ISO Kit  Includes alt color ISO enter, 1.25u Shift key, and (4) 1u keys to compliment your choice of alpha set. This set along with Base Mods and either alpha kit will fill out an ISO board. (Does not come in tray)


*if you purchased Drifter during the gb, and bought a compatibility kit, and need 7u spacebars please contact us at orders@thekey.company to get a replacement sent to you.


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