Equalz X TKC Fruit Smoothie Switches

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The latest switch offering from the designers who brought you community favorite linear switches, the C³Equalz Tangerine and Banana Split, introducing the long awaited super smooth line, The Fruit Smoothie Switches. 

Fruit Smoothie Switches use a new housing material and an Equalz exclusive plastic for the stem to create the smoothest switch on the market today! 

About the Switches

  • Linear switch 
  • Housings: Polyketone (POK)  
  • Stem- E1 Plastic, Exclusive to Equalz brand
  • 5 pin PCB mount.
  • Gold Plated internals & Spring
  • RGB Diffuser built into housing
  • Pre-lubed in factory – very light application. You can lube these switches on top of this.
  • Packaged in a new hard plastic case with a sticker snap lid. Easily reusable and perfect for holding spare switches.
  • Designed by Equalz and manufactured by JWK.
  • Sold in units of 10, 70, 90 and 110 switches. Please note 10 unit switches are not offered in plastic cases and are sold in bags.

Red Smoothie

  • 62g Spring
  • Pre Travel 2.0 +/- 0.3mm
  • Total Travel 4.0 =/- 0.3mm

    Blue Smoothie

    • 67g Spring
    • Pre Travel 2.0 +/- 0.3mm
    • Total Travel 4.0 =/- 0.3mm

        Switches 101  

        A keyboard switch is the little component that sits underneath the keycap and connects to the keyboard PCB. On a mechanical keyboard, every key has its own switch.

        How many switches do I need?

        For common sizes, here are some estimates (these can vary slightly by keyboard model):

        We recommend buying enough to fill your board, with some extra to spare.

        For more switch basics, read our Switches 101 article on Keyboard University →

        Reviews / Sound tests

        Initial Sound Test

        Alexotos KBD Craft Lilith Build w Fruit Smoothie Reds

        KeebScape Fruit Smoothie Review


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