[gb] GMK Dark

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Closing Date: Jan 31, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Oct 2020

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Welcome to the Dark. This classic colorway combines the beauty and simplicity of OEM black-on-black keysets with the German precision of GMK plastic. The N9 dark grey base and black CR legends of this set makes for a great combination with a number of existing GMK alpha and modifier keycaps. Murder out your keyboard with GMK Dark.

Dont miss the straight black deskmat to compliment the set up!

Designed by RoostrC0gburn.

Group Buy opens Friday, January 3 at 9pm ET.

About the set

  • N9 dark grey base
  • Black CR legends
  • Designed by RoostrC0gburn
  • Group Buy opens: Friday, January 3
  • Group Buy closes: Friday, January 31
  • Estimated shipping date: TBA



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  • Base kit $120
  • Numpad $40
  • Icons $56
  • Deviant $51
  • ISO $25