[gb] Holy Panda T-shirt
[gb] Holy Panda T-shirt

[gb] Holy Panda T-shirt

Closing Date: Jan 10, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Feb 2019

The numbers below represent the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). They are the minimum number of sets required for production. This product is not limited.

216 ordered out of 100 required

An illustration of a famous switch by artist WinTheArt. Depicts a Holy panda in it’s natural habitat. This sleepy boy came to live about a month ago but now he’ll be pressed onto some shirts.


  • Commissioned by Qlavier (u/quegettingshitdone)
  • Artwork by Wintheart
  • Silkscreened in Sterling Heights, MI by All American Screen Printing and Embroidery
  • Fullfillment by TKC
  • Bella Canvas 100% ring-spun cotton high quality t-shirts
  • White only
  • Free stickers included with every order. 
  • VERY limited number of extras available