[gb] Holy Red Panda Hoodie

[gb] Holy Red Panda Hoodie

Closing Date: Apr 05, 2019

Expected Ship Date: May 13, 2019

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An illustration of a famous switch by artist WinTheArt. Depicts a Holy Red Panda in it’s natural habitat. A reprisal to the famous Holy Panda Hoodie! 

Also available in a T-Shirt!


  • Orders over $75 before shipping will recieve a limited edition Holy Red Panda iron on patch!
  • Commissioned by Qlavier (u/quegettingshitdone)
  • Artwork by Wintheart
  • Silkscreened in Sterling Heights, MI by All American Screen Printing
  • Fulfillment by TKC
  • Bella Canvas Unisex Sponge Fleece Hoodie
  • Maroon only
  • Free stickers included with every order. 
  • Buy open for 1 week.
  • NOTE: Stickers were lost in transit from Belgium by the mail service. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please do not email about this. If the stickers do show up I will send an email to all who participated and will mail them out to anyone who replies.  


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