GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar
GMK Lunar

GMK Lunar


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Closing Date: Apr 03, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Jul 2021

📅 Update July 9, 2020 — Currently in production.

Base - Command Module
249 ordered out of 150 required
Novelties - Houston! We have a problem!
193 ordered out of 100 required
Spacebars - Landing Pad
58 ordered out of 100 required
N9 Alphas - Lunar Module
92 ordered out of 100 required
Assembly - Service Module
20 ordered out of 100 required

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Inspired by NASA's Apollo Guidance Computer and DSKY interface. Designed by Moridin.

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About the Set

  • Cherry profile
  • MX compatible
  • Doubleshot ABS plastic
  • Manufactured by GMK in Germany


  • Alphas & Mods – 2B grey
  • Legends – 2M grey
  • Numpad – N9 grey + 2M grey legends
  • N6 yellow accent + N9 dark grey legends
  • RO2 red accent in novelty kit

The Origin Story

GMK Lunar commemorates Apollo 11's mission's 50th anniversary. It's inspired by the Apollo Guidance Computer and its interface DSKY (pronounced 'dis-kee').

DSKY interface

DSKY mounted interface

As you can see, the DSKY has a black keypad with white legends, yellow indicator lights, and a green electroluminescent seven-segment display. Commands were entered numerically, as two-digit numbers — called Verb and Noun. The first one represented the action being issued, while the second represented the data that would be changed.


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  • Command Module - Core Kit $160. Covers most keyboards up to 100% layouts, including 60%, 65%, 75%, and TKLs.
  • Houston! We Have A Problem! - Novelty Kit $75
  • Landing Pad - Spacebar Kit $25
  • Lunar Module - N9 Alphas Kit $65
  • Service Module - Assembly Kit $165. Covers 40%, ortholinear, and ergo keyboards.



Renders by Abec13. Keyboards shown are:

  • Austin
  • M60-A
  • THINK6.5°


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Novely Pattern


Technical Flight Plan

Apollo 11 Flight Plan

Salvun Artisan Keycap

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