GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner
GMK Night Runner

GMK Night Runner

Regular price $179.00

Closing Date: Aug 31, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Jun 2020

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📅 Update July 7, 2020 — Extras are being postponed indefinitely. We wanted to make it happen but due to the extremely limited quantities and the unfortunate issues being reported of lost packages, we have decided to postpone these for the time being with no estimated date in sight. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone.

📅 Update June 26, 2020 — GB orders 99% shipped. Extras coming soon, stay tuned on our social channels and newsletter for details.

📅 Update 2020.05.21 - Shipping begins tomorrow.

📅 Update 2020.04.17 - GMK Night Runner is shipping to TKC from GMK at the end of April. All Night Runner accessories are in-house.

📅 Update 2020.02.12 - This is expected to be ready mid-June since GMK is overwhelmed with orders.

📅 Update 2019.12.03 Just heard from GMK. Due to the amount of orders that have been coming in, the expected completion date of Night Runner is end of February :-( This is not what I expected to hear. Nevertheless, this is the nature of group buys. Rest assured, as soon as its received they will all ship out the same day. 

📅 Update 2019.09.27 Order sent to GMK.

📅 Update 2019.08.27 All kits will be manufactured! 

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Inspired by those elite few who navigate the rooftops of a dystopian cyberpunk city, GMK Night Runner aims to bring a little of the not-so-distant future to your set up. 

The inky dark alpha base color represents the night sky, while the soft, dark blue used for the modifiers represents moon lit features, and the bright yellow legends represents the landscape of fluorescent signs and people running about the city and its skyline.

About the Set

  • Designed by u/blindassassin111
  • Manufactured by GMK in Germany
  • Long Lasting 1.5mm Thick Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • GMK Cherry Profile
  • MX Compatible
  • Custom Colors
  • All purchases include a free TKC sticker
  • Widely compatible base kit
  • Child kits to fit most every need
  • Matching cables by Zap Cables

Group Buy Details

  • Buy closes August 30, 2019
  • Estimated fulfillment December 2019



All custom and verified by GMK


The Kits

BASE $139

GMK Night Runner Base

Includes 151 keys to cover a majority of the most popular layouts including 104, TKL, 1800, HHKB (not the spacebar), FC660, 60% and many more. ISO enter and complimenting keys are also included, as well as 6.25u and 7u spacebars.  

MOQ 250 units

Spacebars $22

Includes Convex 2u, 1u (x2), 2.25u and 2.75u in R4C profile with black and safety yellow. 6.25u and 7u also included in safety yellow only.  

MOQ 100 units

Ortho / 40% $55

The 40s kit offers a nice compliment to fill out your CandyBar, MiniVan, MechMini, JD40, Planck (and others) with the proper keys. Includes (2) 1.75u blanks and 2.75u, 2.25u, 2.00u and (2) 1u R4C spacebars. 

MOQ 100 units

Novelties $55

GMK Night Runner Novelties

Our first ever GMK novelty kit! Designed by u/blindassassin111 and u/onecreativemind. Welcome to the Night! Dress up that board with the exciting novelties!

MOQ 100 units


Deskmats $18

Zap Cables

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