GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
TKC1800 GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata
GMK SkIIdata

GMK SkIIdata

Bringing back the classic: GMK SkIIdata. Based on the iconic blue whale POS board made by the Austrian tech company, Skidata. A beautiful and classy way to dress up the desk in dark grey and orange.


About the Set

  • Manufactured by GMK in Germany
  • Long Lasting 1.5mm Thick Doubleshot ABS Plastic
  • GMK Cherry Profile
  • MX Compatible
  • N9 Grey / V2 Orange / N5 Blue
  • All purchases include a free TKC and SkIIdata sticker
  • Widely compatible base kit
  • Child kits to fit most every need
  • Blank Relegendable kit available 

Special Thanks To

  • (As always) First and foremost: The keyboard community, because without you, none of this would be possible. Thanks to all who participated in the interest checks to help us get this sorted.
  • Janglad for the awesome renders!
  • Christoph at GMK for putting up with all my revisions.
  • John at ZapCables for his contributions in the connectivity department!
  • Fendent, for the awesome artisan raffle! 
  • TerryMathews for encouraging me to make this happen.

      THE KITS

      BASE $159

      GMK SkIIdata Base

      Includes 148 keys to cover a majority of the most popular layouts including 104, TKL, 1800, HHKB, FC660, 60% and many more. ISO enter and complimenting keys are also included, as well as 6.25u and 7u spacebars. Featuring the iconic sublegend and windowed keys of the original. MOQ 150 units


      V2 MODS $125 

      GMK SkIIdata V2 Mods

      This is a pretty huge kit, but its got everything you could want! Includes windowed keys as well as complimenting N5 keys just like the original. Also included are 6.25u and 7u spacebars in V2 orange. MOQ 100 units


      40S KIT $40

      GMK SkIIdata 40% 

      We didnt forget about those using compact boards! Cost minded and small, the 40s kit offers a nice compliment to fill out your MiniVan, MechMini, JD40, Planck (and others) with the proper keys. While not all variations on the layout are represented in order to keep the price affordable, we think we did a pretty good job of giving you what you need. MOQ 100 units


      Spacebar Kit $22

      GMK SkIIdata Spacebar

      We decided to keep it small (and affordable)  this time. Includes Convex 1u (x2) and 2u, 2.25u and 2.75u blanks in both SkIIdata colors, N9 and V2. Sorry, no N5 blue. They are available on other sites.  MOQ 100 units


      SkIIdata Relegendables $35

      GMK SkIIdata Relegendables

      Includes x20 pcs of blank tops with N9 relegendable base featuring V2 printed sub legends just like the original. MOQ 100 units


      Blank Relegendables $30

      GMK RelegendablesIncludes x18 pcs of blank tops and blank N9 relegendable base. MOQ 100 units