Godspeed75 - white and brass
Godspeed75 zoom edition (black and blue)
Godspeed75 velocity edition (polycarbonate and nickel)
Godspeed75 editions
Godspeed75 black with Infinikey White on Black
Godspeed75 black with Infinikey White on Black close up
Godspeed75 white with Infinikey black on white
Godspeed75 white with Infinikey black on white angle
Godspeed75 clear polycarbonate with Infinikey Hive
Godspeed75 clear polycarbonate with Infinikey Hive angle
Godspeed75 with GMK Future Funk



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Closing Date: Feb 21, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Feb 2021

September 30, 2020 — We've got a couple of prototype photos!

September 25, 2020 — Production delayed because SP-111 had to be remade. It's in the queue. A prototype is getting sent to Fropsie soon.

August 25, 2020 — Going into production in a couple of weeks. Expected to be done production mid-October.

131 ordered out of 20 required

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The Godspeed75 is a 75% top mount keyboard featuring a USB-C daughterboard and USB-A hub. The minimal design of the board features a sleek and simple look. Designed by fropsie & BlindAssassin111.

GB opens Friday, January 24 at 9pm ET and ends February 21.

Renders by MetallicCharles, janglad, and fropsie.

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About the board

  • Case Angle: 5°
  • Default Plate material: Brass
  • Additional Plates: For the sake of simplicity, the plate file will be made open source.
  • Mounting Style: Top mount
  • PCB: Custom Godspeed75 PCB designed by BlindAssassin111
  • Weight of board (Alu): 2.28kg / 5.03lbs
  • Weight of board (PC): 1.41kg / 3.12lbs


  • Internal Hub Daughterboard.
  • USB-C output.
  • USB-A 3.1 input.
  • High Speed Data Transfer.
  • High Amp Charging.



  • Godspeed edition - white
  • Zoom edition - black and blue
  • Velocity edition - frosted polycarbonate and nickel



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Product Status
  1. Group Buy Closed Feb 2020
  2. In Production
  3. In Transit to TKC
  4. Shipping to Customers Estimated Feb 2021
  5. Extras Soon