Infinikey Hive mega kit
Infinikey Hive on Godspeed75
Infinikey Hive on Godspeed75 polycarbonate
Infinikey Hive on Godspeed75 polycarbonate
Infinikey Hive
Infinikey Hive
Infinikey Hive
Infinikey Hive
Infinikey Hive
Infinikey Hive on Cygnus
Infinikey Hive with monochrome alphas on Polaris
Infinikey Hive monochrome kit
Infinikey Hive core kit
Infinikey Hive novelties kit

Infinikey Hive

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Closing Date: Feb 21, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Jul 2020

📅 Update August 12, 2020 — We are preparing Hive GB orders to go to customers.  We've sent out an address change reminder email with a deadline of August 14th.  Shipping next week.

📅 Update July 31, 2020 — Sets are being shipped to TKC.  Awaiting shipments.

📅 Update July 9, 2020 — Currently awaiting the shipment arrival to our warehouse.  Once it arrives, we expect to fulfill shortly after we've received the shipment.

📅 Update June 11, 2020 — Currently awaiting last leg of production and shipment.

📅 Update March 2020 — Currently in production.  Expected mid-June.

📅 Update February 2020 — Government-mandated factory closures in China due to coronavirus outbreak will delay fulfillment. We will post updates as we have them. Products may come sooner than the expected date posted, but we're playing it safe.

50 ordered out of 100 required
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A revival of GMK Yellowjacket, now as a PBT set with custom Pantone colors. Designed by GTRX and u/ogWalker.

GB opens Friday, January 24 and ends February 21.

Renders by Pheonixstarr and MetallicCharles

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About the set

  • MX Compatible.
  • PBT Plastic / Dye Sublimation — Will not fade or shine over time.
  • Cherry Profile.
  • Includes UK ISO Keys.
  • Includes support for: Full Size, Ortho, 40, TKL, HHKB, FC660, CandyBar, Split Space, and many others.


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  • Mega kit $125
  • Monochrome kit $35
  • Core kit $80
  • Novelty kit $12



Renders by Pheonixstarr and MetallicCharles.