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Closing Date: Nov 08, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Oct 2020

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A modern geometric replica of the iconic Apple M0110A. Featuring anodized aluminum construction, PVD weights and badges, and a custom QMK PCB. TKC's first ultra-premium board has arrived!

Check out the M0llY teaser site

*This is a kit. It does not come assembled. You must purchase switches, stabilizers, keycaps and a USB cable. You will have to solder the switches onto the PCB and assemble the case. 


    The Story Of M0llY

    M0llY started off in the old TKC office nearly 2 years ago. I wanted to keep the retro-vibe of the TKC1800 alive, and also wanted to include the beloved aesthetics of old school Macintosh keyboards. The M0110 seemed like a good place to start, but I wanted more, primarily a numpad (I love them... fight me). I sent an M0110-A off to u/blindassassin to create a modern, geometric replica.

    The Name: During our conversations on Slack I grew tired of typing M0110-A so I just started calling her M0llY. (Leet speak throwback of sorts.) It's hard to deny its a catchy name. 

    The Flower: Is meant to be symbolic. The inspiration of this design being Apple before they became what it is today. Blossoms come before fruit; I asked Emil to draw me an SVG apple blossom. Then I had it dipped in 24k gold.

    The Hub: We needed to relocate the USB connection lower in the case, so naturally a breakout board would be added. I decided if were going to add a second PCB, it should do something. Again, I tasked Blind with the job. And now, high speed data transfer is here! I believe this to be a community first! 

    The Rest: I owe a many great deal of thanks to others that help make this happen. Terry Mathews for the firmware, OneCreativeMind for the packaging, Jebbra for the logo, Emil for the flower design, C3 for manufacturing contacts / facilitation, Forrest for the bulletproof PCB, Mint for all the help marketing, Kema for leading the HTML5 site... and so many more. 


    • QMK Firmware.
    • MX / Alps compatibility.
    • Based on the TKC1800 design; it's bulletproof.
    • Matte black w gold silk screen.
    • In switch LED capability (not included, 1.8mm leds work very well)
    • You must solder switches, indicator LEDS, and in-switch LEDs (if used).
    • All SMD components pre-soldered in factory.
    • 1 year TKC warranty.
    • USB-C output via hub.

    Case / Plate

    • Aircraft Grade Aluminum 6061 Case
    • 7.5 lbs Unbuilt
    • Top Plate Mount
    • 7 degree typing angle
    • PVD Brass Plate - 1.5mm thick
    • PVD Brass Flower Weight
    • PVD Brass Front Badge
    • Gloss Black PVD Stainless Hardware
    • Alps plates available as an add-on product
    • Additional Plates, PCBs, and Front Badges are available 


    • Internal Hub Daughterboard.
    • USB-C output.
    • USB-A 3.1 input.
    • High Speed Data Transfer.
    • High Amp Charging.


    Layout uses caps found in practically any standard 104 / TKL + Numpad kits. Its easy to dress up M0llY!

    M0llY Layouts

    Group Buy Details

    • Opens October 11, 2019.
    • Limited to 200 units – Will extend if the demand is great. If we extend, delivery may go in phases to keep deadlines. Order early to get yours earlier!
    • Closes November 8, 2019.
    • Estimated Fulfillment August 2020. (Previously May 2020)

    What's Included:

    • Case
    • MX Plate
    • Front Badge
    • Brass Weight
    • PCB
    • Hub w Interconnect Cable
    • Gloss Black PVD Stainless Hardware
    • Clear Bump-On
    • Gorgeous Packaging by u/onecreativemind
    • Additional Plates, PCBs, and Front Badges are available for purchase.


    Black Case / Brass Accessories

    M0llY Black Brass

    Black Case / Silver Accessories

    M0llY Black Silver

    Apple Silver Case / Black Accessories

    M0llY Apple Silver

    Flat Out Fabulous Pink Case / Black Accessories

    Aquatica Blue Case / Silver Accessories

    e-White Case / Black Accessories

    M0llY white

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