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A modern geometric replica of the iconic Apple M0110A. Designed by BlindAssassin111 and JSON in 2018.  

Featuring mirror polished brass accents and a fully functioning USB 3.1 hub built in. Minor changes from the first round of M0llY. Plate and PCB from original M0llY are 100% compatible with the Polycarbonate version.

This edition of M0LLY features a polycarbonate case with CNC mirror-polished brass parts, available in three finishes:

  • Dark Nickel PVD
  • 24k Gold PVD
  • Silver PVD

ℹ️ This is a keyboard kit. It does not come assembled. You must purchase switches, stabilizers, keycaps and a USB cable. You will have to solder the switches onto the PCB and assemble the case.

Please note that these are B-stock units and did not meet our quality standards for one or more cosmetic reasons. The keyboard is guaranteed to function correctly, however it may exhibit errors in the finish of the plate PVD or errors in the polycarbonate of the housing.

What's Included

M0LLY Polycarbonate is a keyboard kit, and comes with:

  • Polycarbonate case (top and bottom)
  • Brass plate (MX-compatible)
  • Brass front badge
  • Brass flower weight
  • PCB – requires soldering (not hotswap)
  • Silicone dampening mat – goes in bottom of case
  • Felt dampening mat – goes between plate and PCB
  • USB hub with interconnect cable
  • Hardware
  • SKUFeet

⚠️ Not included: keycaps, switches, stabilizers, or USB cable.

Exploded view

    PCB & Hub Specs


    • Requires soldering. This PCB is not hotswap. You must solder switches, indicator LEDS, and in-switch LEDs (if used).
    • VIA compatible
    • Compatible with MX switches
    • Matte black with gold silkscreen
    • RGB underglow
    • In-switch LED capability (LEDs not included; we recommend 1.8mm LEDs.)
    • SMD components pre-soldered in factory
    • USB-C output via hub
    • 1 year non-transferable warranty


    • Internal hub daughterboard
    • USB-C output
    • USB-A 3.1 input
    • High-speed data transfer
    • High amp charging

    Separate PCB not available for purchase.

    Case / Plate Specs

    • Frosted polycarbonate case
    • Mounting style: Top mount
    • Typing angle: 7 degrees
    • Plate: PVD brass plate, 1.5mm thick, MX-compatible
    • Weight: PVD brass flower weight
    • Front badge: PVD brass front badge
    • Plate, weight, and badge are available in your choice of three finishes: Dark Nickel PVD, 24K Gold PVD, or Silver PVD


    M0LLY's layout uses keycaps found in standard 104-key / TKL + Numpad kits.

    See high-res layout image →

    Sound Test 

    Check out this video by dutchmastersw for a M0lly sound test featuring Melon switches. M0lly Sound Test

    For tips and tricks on a M0lly build watch this live stream. M0lly Build by dutchmastersw 

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