Mech Mat
Mech Mat
Mech Mat
Mech Mat
Mech Mat
Mech Mat
Mech Mat
Mech Mat

Mech Mat

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Closing Date: Oct 21, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Jul 2021

📅 Jun 29, 2021 — Mech Mats are waiting to be unloaded at the Seattle port. We do not have an official ETA on when the container will be unloaded, but we hope it will be in the next two weeks. We anticipate fulfillment to happen in late July or early August. 

📅 Mar, 2021 — Delayed to allow for color matching.

A vibrant deskmat, designed by Alexotos. Available in two variants: classic and splatter. Images here are prototype photos.

      About the Deskmat

      • Stitched edges.
      • 3mm thick.
      • High quality printing process.
      • 900 x 400 x 3mm.

      International Vendors

      Note: Deskmats are heavy! This makes them more expensive to ship.

      Designer's Note

      "For this 'mech' design, I wanted to incorporate bright and vivid colors on my take of an abstract cyber punk themed deskmat. The design actually started off using a pale egg shell font and as a joke, I swapped the color to this neon yellow and ended up really liking it! A few colour changes and prototypes later to see how it all printed and I came up with this as an end product. I hope you enjoy it!"

      – Alexotos

      About Alexotos

      Alexander “Alexotos” is a Canadian photographer, content creator, streamer, and designer. His custom builds and stunning photo documentation have taken the mechanical keyboard hobby by storm, setting a new standard for the presentation of custom keyboards.

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      Product Status
      1. Pre-Order Closed Oct 2020
      2. In Production
      3. In Transit to TKC
      4. Shipping to Customers Estimated Jul 2021
      5. Extras SoonAug 4