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MonsGeek M1
MonsGeek M1
MonsGeek M1
MonsGeek M1
MonsGeek M1
MonsGeek M1
MonsGeek M1

The MonsGeek M1 is the best premium option to begin your custom mechanical keyboard journey with.

It comes with extra teflon pads (in case you want to perform the Force Break mod) and tape (in case you want to perform a Tape mod). The M1 offers flexibility for you to modify it and make it truly yours while also offering a great out-of-the-box experience with MonsGeek’s custom foam and gasket mount.


- QMK Firmware

- 2 piece aluminum case

- Polycarbonate plate included

- Gasket Mount 

- South Facing LEDs

- Coiled USB-C cable included


Link to VIA Configurator web interface

Step by step build guide

MonsGeek M1 User Manual 

MonsGeek M1

Regular price $119.99

Stabilizers Are Included

The Monsgeek M1 comes from the factory with screw-in stabilizers included.

Sound and Feel

Each component of the Monsgeek M1 was carefully chosen to produce an affordable keyboard that feels and sounds like a high end board right out of the box.

Gasket Mount

The Monsgeek M1 uses the same gasket mounting system as many more premium boards. Versus a standoff mounting system as offered by other boards in the same price point, gasket mounting offers a good combination of increased durability and better typing feel due to the keyboard’s flex within the case.

No Sacrifices. No Compromises

The MonsGeek M1 is an enthusiast grade keyboard at an entry level price. This barebones kit offers all the features one would expect in a board twice the price including: hotswap PCB, 2 piece aluminum case, gasket mount design, QMK firmware, and south facing RGBs. All of the features and quality for far less money.

QMK/VIA Compatible

The MonsGeek M1 is fully compatible with VIA, the premier programming software for premium mechanical keyboards. Monsgeek M1 has complete plug-and-play software support using the VIA web interface.


The Monsgeek M1 is hotswap compatible so you can easily switch between any of your favorite mx switches.