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Night Runner Themed Artisans by Suited Up Keycaps BLIND BOX

Night Runner Themed Artisans by Suited Up Keycaps BLIND BOX

Once again we've teamed up with a top-tier artisan maker for some themed up goodness to go with your GMK set! These beautiful handmade caps are limited to 50 units, so grab them while they last.

These hand casted resin artisans are made in Salt Lake City, UT by the seasoned artisan maker, Bambino! There are 4 designs, and orders will be shipped in blind box fashion. You cannot select your sculpt. 

Ordering Instructions

  • Please checkout using same email you used to order GMK Night Runner. 
  • If you ordered GMK Night Runner from TKC - use the free option at checkout.
  • If you ordered GMK Night Runner from a PROXY - choose a paid shipping option. 
  • If you DID NOT order GMK Night Runner please do not purchase. 
  • Suited Up Keycaps artisan does not count toward the free shipping limit.
  • If these rules are not followed I reserve the right to cancel your order. If I cancel your order and you paid via Paypal, a $1 cancellation fee applies.

Product Details

  • Suited Up Keycaps
  • Hand made in Utah by the one and only, Bambino
  • Hand poured resin
  • Color matched to GMK Night Runner - if they look off in the photos is the lighting
  • MX stem
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  • You will receive at random one of the following: Mask (Elder, Unholy, Tantovile, or Oni) and Crest (Nox, Ancient, Sol, or Yokai)


  • Ships with your Night Runner order. Please be sure to checkout with the same email address you ordered Night Runner from.
  • International customers - You will have to order from us and pay shipping, sorry, there isn't a better way to get these to you.


  • This is a handmade product. Suited Up Keycaps are made individually by hand, and therefore are subject to having small variations and imperfections from case to case. 
  • This is a blind box sale. You cannot choose your sculpt, they will be shipped at random.
  • We reserve the right to cancel orders from people that did not order Night Runner (only if we sell out very quickly)
  • Limit ONE per person please. We reserve the right to cancel orders that contain more than one cap.