OLED Screen Kit for TKC1800




Developed by u/TerryMathews, this kit adds an SSD1306-powered OLED screen to your TKC1800-based keyboard. In the stock firmware, it has a message that is displayed at the top (currently TKC1800, configurable), a printout of the name of the current layer, and indicators for caps lock, scroll lock, and num lock.

No drilling necessary; the housing mounts to the case via mounting tape and the cable will fit through the stock cable hole. 

All of this is controlled through QMK and is as configurable as the rest of the software. If you can dream it up, odds are you can implement it. The firmware is open source, so everyone is able to modify it.

Package Contents:

1- SSD1306 screen
1- 3d printed screen mount with 2-sided mounting tape attached
1- 4 pin cable to attach screen to TKC1800 PCB
1- right angle 4 pin header for TKC1800 PCB
4- M2 screws
4- M2 nuts

*Available in Black or White only at this time.

Additional Info:

Basic software support is integrated in the stock firmware. Advanced configuration requires a QMK build environment, some familiarity with C++, and compiling from souce. User discretion is advised. 


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