TKC1800 PCB V2.0
TKC1800 PCB V2.0
TKC1800 PCB V2.0
TKC1800 PCB V2.0
TKC1800 PCB V2.0
TKC1800 PCB V2.0

TKC1800 PCB V2.0

Regular price $65.00

The ultimate drop in replacement for your G80/G81-1800 and Dolch Pac keyboards. This is a no-compromise PCB. QMK Firmware. Features a 1 year non-transferrable warranty. 

Notable changes for V2.0

  • Removed copper around screw in stab holes to eliminate shorting
  • Fixed "write 60 error"
  • Changed fuse settings for better reliability from factory
  • Adjusted TX1800 USB location to center better on the case
  • Black PCB color added. 


  • Programming available at
  • QMK Firmware
  • MX & Alps compatible
  • USB location rotated 90 degrees so you can connect your cable without cutting a hole in a G80 case! 
  • 3 available positions for USB connection, one for TKC1800, one for TX1800 Use with TX1800 requires an additional USB connector, available here.
  • All SMD are pre-soldered from factory
  • Atmel AT90USB1286
  • Onboard I2C interface for future expansion
  • RGB backlight LED support (not included. Pads are there, LEDs are not, Ws2812b compatible)
  • In switch static LED and indicator static LED support on PCB
  • SPI interface for tinkering (Bluetooth module and OLED module in the works. Only limit is your imagination and programming abilities)
  • USB cable can be hardwired to PCB.


  • Cherry G80-1800 all variants
  • Cherry G81-1800 all variants
  • Dolch Pac
  • OG Skidata board
  • TX1800 - must solder on additional SMD USB connector


We will warranty our PCBs from one year after the date of purchase against manufacturer defects. If you build your board and it doesnt work our tech support will help diagnose. If it becomes evident your PCB is defective from the factory we will send a replacement free of charge to domestic customers. International shipping rates will apply to international replacements. Non-Transferrable to buyers. We do not warranty against lifted pads from soldering / desoldering.