TKC N9 Ergodox Kit


Only ONE left in stock!

Presenting the N9 Ergodox Modifiers Kit, the solution for the discerning ergonomically-minded mech connoisseur. 

In addition to being the perfect Ergodox dance partner to GMK >Terminal_, with the blessing of Joseph (Keyclack) and Sheraton (Originative), the N9 ‘Dox kit also includes accent keycaps for their respective popular N9-based GMK sets. Includes accent keys to pair with most variants of Dolch (Sky Dolch, Dolch Reborn, etc.), Charred Orange, Skidata+, Hydro, and the upcoming Pyro!

Do I need to buy >Terminal_ if I want this? 

Nope. The kit is designed to be neutral and work with N9-based sets and many others, with color matching accents to various N9 GMK keysets in addition to >Terminal_. Go nuts.

*The colors of this kit do not match the upcoming GMK LedZep set. 

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Type: GMK

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