Sanctuary Rebirth Deskmat

Sanctuary Rebirth Deskmat

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Closing Date: Oct 19, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Mar 01, 2020

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Whether you are ready or not, you will need this. Featuring a non-slip bottom, fabric top, and stitched edges, this premium quality deskmat will complete the look. 


  • Designed by u/jebbra or @Jebbra_
  • Stitched edges.
  • 3mm thick.
  • High quality printing process.
  • 900mm x 400mm 
  • Same factory used by Novelkeys and Massdrop.

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  • GB ends October 18, 2019.
  • Estimated fulfillment March 2020.
  • These ship with your Sanctuary Rebirth order.
  • If you order separately they may ship sooner, no guarantees.