Sanctuary Rebirth PBT by Infinikey
Sanctuary Rebirth PBT by Infinikey
Sanctuary Rebirth PBT by Infinikey
Sanctuary Rebirth PBT by Infinikey

Sanctuary Rebirth PBT by Infinikey

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Closing Date: Oct 19, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Apr 30, 2020

Update May 21, 2020 — GB orders 100% shipped. Proxy orders have been shipped to vendors.  Extras coming soon, stay tuned for the announcement on our social channels.

Update May 4, 2020 — Shipping starts May 8th

Update April 17, 2020 — Expected to start shipping Sanctuary/BRED in 1-2 weeks

Update March 23, 2020 — Expected second week of April

Update Mar 2020 — See some photos of a production set we received! Shipment is en route to the USA via ocean. Expected delivery is not yet set. Will keep updates posted. 

Update Feb 2020Government-mandated factory closures in China due to coronavirus outbreak will delay fulfillment. We will post updates as we have them. Products may come sooner than the expected date posted, but we're playing it safe.

Update Sept 28, 2019 Sales figured updated to include proxy sales.

The numbers below represent the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity). They are the minimum number of sets required for production. This product is not limited.

264 ordered out of 100 required

You are not prepared. Inspired by one of the most memorable video games ever created—Diablo II, this keyset brings back the despair once acknowledged by the mechanical keyboard community.

Product Details

  • MX Compatible.
  • PBT Plastic / Dye Sublimation - Will not fade / shine over time.
  • Cherry Profile.
  • Designed by u/jebbra or @Jebbra_
  • Keycount: 194 keys.
  • Includes UK ISO Keys.
  • Includes support for: Full Size, Ortho, 40, TKL, HHKB, FC660, CandyBar, Split Space, and many others.

Factory Details

  • Manufactured in China by Infinikey.
  • Keysets will be packed in plastic trays inside of glossy cardstock carton.
  • Weve invested in new molds to make new homing keys and many 40% / ortho keys that were previously unavailable. 
  • New Homing Keys. Now you have the choice of scooped OR barred!
  • FAQ: What is the difference between ABS and PBT?
      PBT plastic is different from its shiny ABS counterpart. PBT has a much higher melting point, therefore can be treated with a process called 'Dye sublimation'. An image is printed on a film, the film is then laid on the keycaps, a press closes, and the image sublimates into the plastic. Sublimation by definition is when a solid rapidly changes to a gas, by which the gas saturates the hot plastic. The legend is therefore dyed into the plastic without the threat of fading. PBT plastic keys also have a slightly textured finish, which feels much better on the fingers when typing.

      Group Buy Details

      • Group Buy runs until October 18, 2019.
      • Shipping April 2020




      • Black – Pantone 426 C
      • Red – Pantone 7597 C

      While we've done our best to present renders and mock-ups closest to the final product, please consider various calibration across different screens. These are the colors used in the set for your reference.

      P.S. Love the colors? Don't care for Diablo 2? Check out BRED.