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Synthwave Deskmat - Monowave
Synthwave Deskmat - Monowave
Synthwave Deskmat - Monowave
Synthwave Deskmat - Monowave
Synthwave Series Deskmat Monowave

Synthwave Deskmat - Monowave

$25.00 Sale price

Designed by JDTechGear

      About the Deskmat

      • Deskmat v 1.5 (Read about the different versions here.)
      • Stitched edges
      • 3mm thick 
      • 900mm x 400mm
      • Ships in PVC frosted bag with drawstring ends
      • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Air dry only. DO NOT machine dry. 

      International Vendors

      Note: Deskmats are heavy! This makes them more expensive to ship.  

      Designed by JDTechGear

      Have you checked out youtube personality JDTechGear? He does great content on different types of tech, including keyboards. Check him for his latest content.

      Looks great with RGB

      The colors of Synthwave are meant to reflect the color options through sunset. Setting up RGB enhances the Synthwave effect.

      Premium Fabric

      Our mats use the best fabric in the industry. Its ultra smooth for fine mouse control, and makes colors POP over the rubber backing.

      Non-Slip Backing

      Features a patterned non-slip rubber backing to prevent movement without leaving any sticky residue behind.

      ”That deskmat really tied the room together.”

      Even The Dude knows a great deskmat choice can bring life and personality to your workspace. Our deskmats are the best on the market, so choose one to tie your space together today!