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TKC1800 Plate 1.5mm
TKC1800 Plate 1.5mm
TKC1800 Plate 1.5mm

TKC1800 Plate 1.5mm

6061 brushed anodized aluminum plate. These high quality plates allow for both ANSI and ISO layouts, and will fit classic G80-1800 and Dolch PAC cases with slight modification.


  • Beautifully finished in anodized brushed aluminum
  • 1.5mm thick
  • Allows switch top opening
  • Compatible with Cherry PCB mount stabilizers
  • For use with G80/G81-1800 and variants, you must cut the plastic case to accommodate. Cuts are not visible when the board is assembled.
  • All TKC1800 cases are modified prior to shipment. You only have to cut if you use an aftermarket or original G80 case.
  • Alps variant now available. Uses plate mount Costar style stabs.
  • PINK no longer an option. Too lazy to update the product image. 

Video - How to cut G80/G81-1800 / Dolch Pac case to accommodate