TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock
TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock

TKC1800 Round 3 A- Stock

Regular price $209.00

This group buy has closed.

Closing Date: Oct 25, 2019

Expected Ship Date: Jan 2020

Production Status as of December 2, 2019

We apologize for the epic delay on this group buy. The plates took longer than expected to get made. Once they were made, we inspected them, and the quality of the anodizing was poor. We sent them back for rework. I am currently waiting on the new plates. I will update here and in the Discord as frequently as I get updates on the status. Every other part of this GB is on hand and ready to ship. The kits are ready to go, as soon as the plates arrive they go out the door.

Cases - on hand

PCBs - on hand & tested

Plates - in production - being remade

Packaging - on hand

Current purchase numbers

Favorite color out of stock? Want to save a few bucks? Check out our A- stock. Our QC on the cases is stringent, so the slightest imperfection on the top of the case pushes the unit to A- status. 

Defects are never larger than a pin head. 

Sale Details

  • Opens Friday September 13, 2019 at 11pm EST
  • Remains open until all cases are sold (wont last long)
  • Production orders for PCBs / Plates will be sent in one week from open
  • We will have plenty of PCBs and Plates after the restock.
  • Estimated delivery end of October. 
  • Cases are in-house. We run this gb style so everyone can get the plate color they want. 

The Case

  • A- Stock Example Defects
  • The case starts life as a brand new Cherry G80-1800 injection molded case.
  • Top case is sanded clear of texture.
  • Back case is NOT sanded clear of texture.
  • Automotive quality finish applied in 4 steps. Adhesion promoter, primer, base, clear coat. Urethane based automotive paint.
  • Wet sanded and buffed before it leaves the shop. Yes, you can wax your keyboard now.
  • Pain stakingly finished by hand in Rochester, MI by Wrecks N Restorations, a professional automotive restoration operation.
  • Tested in house for 6 months with no visible defects.
  • While the finish is near flawless you may see MINOR imperfections in the finish. The top case is treated as an "A" surface and is scrutinized heavily. The bottom case is treated as a "B" class surface and will show light texture and some minor imperfections. 


  • Black or Green PCB
  • 1 year non-transferrable replacement warranty from TKC
  • QMK Firmware
  • Mini-USB and hardwire connection
  • MX & Alps compatible
  • 2 available positions for USB connection, no more hardwiring the cable (you can if you want to, accommodations are there) 
  • All SMD are pre-soldered from factory
  • Atmel AT90USB1286
  • Onboard I2C interface for future expansion
  • RGB backlight LED support (you install if you want this option)
  • In switch LED and indicator LED support on PCB
  • SPI interface for tinkering

The Plate

  • Anodized Aluminum 1.5mm thick
  • MX Plate allows switch-top opening
  • MX Plate uses PCB mount Cherry style stabilizers
  • Alps Plate uses Costar plate mount stabilizers
  • MX and Alps variants

      Whats included in the kit?

      • Case 
      • PCB
      • Plate
      • Brand new (improved) bump ons
      • Silver ID tag (A- stock color variants)
      • New front diffuser decal 
      • (6) 3mm LEDs for the indicator lights in choice of color - 3 for indicators, 3 spares
      • Microfiber towel for cleaning the case
      • Super fancy packaging



      • While we do our best to adjust the lighting temperature to achieve the most realistic color representation, monitors may vary. Colors may appear slightly differently than they do in the photos.
      • This is a hand finished item, minor defects may be present and do not warrant a return or refund. You accept these terms when you purchase this item.
      • There may be small spots of rubbing compound on your case when it arrives; wipe it down with a CLEAN microfiber cloth which we have provided.

      Round 3 Finishes

      Caribbean Aqua Blue

      TKC1800 Caribbean Aqua

      Shown with Aluminum Alps plate

      (BMW Pearl C2E / WC2E)

      Candy Pink

      TKC1800 Candy Pink

      Shown with Purple MX plate. 

      House of Color Candy Pink - Custom

      Commando Green

      TKC1800 Commando

      Shown with Polished Brass MX Plate



      TKC1800 Infrared

      Shown with Charcoal MX Plate

      (Mitsubishi Pearl P19)

      Kryptonite Green

      M1kehonch0s favorite. Shown with AE Green MX Plate.

      (Mercedes Benz Metallic MB175 / 6175)

      Krystal Weiss White

      TKC1800 Krystall Weiss

      Shown with Red MX Plate

      (BMW 3-stage Pearl C02 / WC02)

      Mariana Black

      TKC1800 Mariana Black

      Shown with Dolch MX Plate

      (Land Rover Pearl 860 / PEJ)

      Plum Crazy

      TKC1800 Plum Crazy

      Community favorite! Shown with AE Green MX Plate.

      (Mopar Metallic)

      Rhodium Silver

      TKC1800 Rhodium

      Shown with Dolch MX Plate

      (Jaguar Metallic MEN / 2130 / 1AC)

      Sapphire Blue

      TKC1800 Sapphire

      My second favorite! Shown with Orange MX Plate.

      (Porsche Metallic M5J / N1)

      Sakhir Orange

       Sorry, no full size photo of this one. Studio mistakenly shot Infrared twice..

      BMW Sakhir Orange B50

      This paint contains a Copper toner, containing actual copper. Looks absolutely stunning.