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TKC1800 Unpainted Kit
TKC1800 Unpainted Kit
TKC1800 Unpainted Kit

TKC1800 Unpainted Kit

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Closing Date: Mar 31, 2020

Expected Ship Date: Mar 2020

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Enjoy a full size board in a compact space! The 1800 layout has been a favorite for POS systems and rack mounted servers for decades due to its small footprint. Bring this vintage style to your desk with a modern TKC twist! This is in stock and ships by Friday, with free domestic shipping!

Featuring a brand new ABS plastic case from Cherry Germany, an anodized aluminum plate in your choice of color, brand new plaques, diffusers, & a full featured QMK PCB made by TKC. All TKC PCBs include a non-transferable 1 year warranty!

Included in this kit are:

  • Case - TKC1800 decal and silver plaque attached
  • PCB of your choice
  • Plate of your choice
  • Bump ons - Brand new and improved
  • (5) 3mm LEDs for the indicator lights in choice of color (3 for indicators, 2 spares)
  • All in a super fancy box by OneCreativeMind

Plate and PCB are also available for purchase separately. 

*NOTE from JSON: If you go to checkout and the system errors out, you likely chose a plate color that is not available. I have no way to fix this right now :-( Best bet, clear your cart and start over again with a different plate color. 

The Cases

  • Brand New ABS Plastic Case from Cherry
  • Available in Light Grey and Black
  • Modified by TKC to accommodate switch plate


  • Colors: Green or Black
  • QMK Firmware - easy to program and many programming options
  • Mini-USB and hardwire
  • MX & Alps compatible
  • All SMD are pre-soldered from factory
  • Atmel AT90USB1286 MCU
  • In switch LED and indicator LED support on PCB
  • SPI interface for tinkering

The Plate

  • Brushed Aluminum 1.5mm thick in choice of color
  • Polished PVD Brass option (additional cost)
  • MX and Alps variants available for plate
    • MX Plate allows switch-top opening
    • MX Plate requires PCB mount Cherry style stabilizers
    • Alps Plate requires Costar plate mount stabilizers

      Other in stock - Keycaps and Stabilizers

      Complete your build with ePBT DoubleShot ABS sets and Everglide Stabs that we have in stock.

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