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Vanir Deskmat
Vanir Deskmat
Vanir Deskmat
Vanir Deskmat

Vanir Deskmat

Sale opens: Jan 22, 2021

Closing Date: Feb 05, 2021

Expected Ship Date: Jul 2022

📅 Jul 02, 2022 — We are working on fulfilling the GB. If you need to submitted an address change please do so quickly.

📅 Jun 08, 2022 — Vanir deskmats are on their way! We will fulfill the GB as soon as we get them. Looking like mid-July if all proceeds smoothly.

📅 May 25, 2022 — Vanir deskmats have been picked up from our warehouse and are waiting to be placed on a ship for transit. Hopeful to see these by July at the latest.  

📅 Apr 29, 2022 - Runic remake mats are complete! So we are now waiting on China to reopen from COVID lockdowns. Read more about it in our blog "April Shipping Updates"

📅 Mar 18, 2022 - This week we finally received the 3rd round of prototypes for the Runic mat and we are happy to announce the color is spot on to the render. We've put the order in and will provide updates on shipping and completion as we get them. 

📅 Feb 26, 2022 - We should be receiving the 3rd round of prototypes soon and will update when we determine how well this round matches. We have shifted fulfillment out to April to account for production and shipping time. 

 📅 Jan 05, 2022 - The Runic mat has faced multiple issues with color matching. The background of the render is a color that has proven difficult to match. We received the original shipment, but didn't feel it was up to standards. We then asked for and received a second prototype which was closer to the rendered background color but still did not match. We have asked for the 3rd round of prototypes and hope to have those soon. We are as disappointed in the delay as our customers, but are working very hard to provide the highest quality and part of that is providing a mat that matches what we advertised. 

Deskmat to go with IFK Vanir Keycaps. Designed by meatsmoothies.


  • Heart of the North
  • Runic Mat (Extras on Hold)

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About the deskmat

  • Deskmat v1.5
  • Stitched edges
  • 3mm thick
  • 900mm x 400mm
  • Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Air dry only. DO NOT machine dry.